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Over the years I’ve been blogging I’ve heard of Cosmetics A La Carte many a time. But it wasn’t a brand I’ve had the chance to try much from – it’s quite a niche brand in that it specialises in creating custom products. That lipstick you loved but was discontinued? Take a bit to them and they will custom blend it for you. I recently paid a little visit to their boutique near Knightsbridge to have a little look at the range and experience the foundation matching process for myself.


The first thing that struck me about the boutique was that whilst it’s a small, but airy feeling space it has a serious amount of product. Think to the level of selection of shades in MAC for example – row after row of lipstick or eyeshadow shade in every colour you can imagine. All neatly arranged in the middle of the room for perusal.

The next thing I noticed was that there’s no ‘typical’ Cosmetics A La Carte customer – there’s a mixture of those who are local and shop there because it suits them or those that travel to get their exact custom product. I guess that as much as I love to try new products – there’s a huge appeal in finding something that works for you and knowing that you can always rely on that colour being around with the help of a brand like cosmetics a la carte.



It’s not all about the custom colour though – there’s plenty of ‘off the shelf’ product you can buy. Or you can combine your own mix of the ready to wear into your own personalised palette. This was probably the thing that caught my eye the most – the idea of picking a selection of eye or cheek shades into a little handbag friendly compact really appeals to me.

Whilst in the store I was custom blended a foundation – to match my combination skin type and pale with pinky tones shade. The shade match couldn’t be better – so if you struggle to get a match then this is your place to go. Ok, so for £50 for a custom colour it’s not the cheapest – but it’s certainly not the most expensive and for a perfect match…not to be sniffed at!

What I’d love to know is…what colour would you get custom blended? Perhaps a limited edition shade that you’re eeking the last drops out of… or maybe you just want to truly perfect your very own ‘my lips but better’ colour. If there’s a shade you would mix…let me know what it would be!

Cosmetics A La Carte – 19b Motcomb Street More info:



  1. March 24, 2015 / 4:43 pm

    Absolutely love this brand – they do fantastic brow products and I love their packaging too xx

  2. March 25, 2015 / 1:06 pm

    This sounds amazing! A custom blended foundation would be awesome, £50 doesn’t seem too bad really if you think about it! x

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