Five: Things I love about blogging

From time to time it’s natural to have a bit of a motivation lull on the blogging front. But rather than let it suck me into that black hole of negativity, I find it much better to take things back to basics and remind myself of all the awesome stuff about blogging. That can sometimes be clouded by blogging politics and those day to day irks or frustrations that get in the way of all the good stuff. It’s something I’ve touched on before but like re-reminding myself. So with that in mind, I wanted to share the latest five things I love about blogging. Feel free to add your own as would love to know what you love most about blogging.


1. You’re not restricted by your blog title

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too limited having gone with beauty, since it’s in my blog name and all.  But then I remember it’s my blog and I can write about what I want. Sure, sometimes it’s a juggling act between writing what you want and what readers are interested in – but at the end of the day I could write about moon-boots and the finer delights of fondue cheese if I wanted to. There’s not many places you can really have that sort of creative freedom! Now, I have a major craving for cheese after that sentence so excuse me whilst I go raid the fridge.

2. There’s a community of like minded people

It’s all too easy to look at the negative side of the blogging community because it’s that side that seems to capture attention. But look beyond it and there’s a whole bunch of like minded individuals out there just writing for passion or interest or as their own personal escape. I’ve made some truly great friends through blogging – both beauty obsessives and just generally nice folks. There are people I consider friends who I may have only met via twitter before – but regardless, it was blogging that brought me to them. Plus if you had asked me a few years ago if I would say I made friends via the internet I would probably have thought you were a crazy person… but not any more!

3. It teaches you all sorts of skills

From the technical aspect of running a blog as a business (it’s not all swatching lipstick don’t you know) to photography. I have skills now I never thought I would possess without some sort of formal training. Plus there’s the whole ‘life skills’ of being totally ok with walking into a room where you know no-one and starting conversations. Plus the self-motivation and dedication it takes to keep working at a blog day in day out – when doing it on top of a job or when doing it full time. The one skill I don’t have yet is not looking awkward in photos… but I have high hopes that one day this will happen too. I do however have impressive fitting-lots-of-stuff-into-small-spaces skills now… to hide the excessive collection of beauty products I have accumulated!

4. There’s always something new 

Ok, so I know advice posts are the latest ‘thing’ in blog land – I think blog-advice-blogs are almost a new genre of blog in themselves. But as much as I have been doing this for over six years and have a few titbits and views on it to share from time to time, I would never call myself an expert. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone can. To know blogging is to know that it’s constantly changing and you know there are never a hard and fast set of rules that when follower mean success.

5. The inspiration

I love how inspired blogging is – the idea that all these posts/thoughts/images come to people and they can actually produce their own content to the level it was only previously seen in glossy magazines. When you think about it, and look past all the cliches (that I’m just as guilty of as the next blogger, I know). It’s pretty darn amazing that we can actually create this level of content ourselves?! So many images that are Pinterest worthy, ideas for everything from mastering that oh-so-tricky smokey eye  to how to make your bed resemble a pillow-laden on in a swanky hotel. There’s almost so much inspiration that it blows my mind and overwhelms me sometimes!

What are your favourite things about blogging – leave me a comment below or drop me a tweet.



  1. March 23, 2015 / 7:44 pm

    It’s all true! I love blogging and it’s becoming a massive part of my life. I love the community, ithey are very understanding and inspiring people. Very good post:)

  2. March 23, 2015 / 8:08 pm

    I love the community aspect of blogging – the ability to discuss makeup and beauty products with people who actually enjoy talking about such things, instead of just putting up with it. I have a lovely and diverse group of friends in real life, but sadly, none of them love new beauty products in the same way I do. Blogging allows me to discuss the finer points of a new concealer, weigh the differences between a liquid and gel eyeliner, and gush over the smoothness of a new lipstick, without worrying about seeming shallow or silly.

  3. March 23, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    It is amazing how many people you meet that enjoy the same things as you and i love how free you feel with blogging x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  4. nueyork
    March 24, 2015 / 2:26 am

    With blogging I have learnt so much but it’s not until I take a look back through my archive that I really see the progress. It hasn’t really felt like I’ve improved, but I have, and it’s so amazing to see the development of that.

  5. March 24, 2015 / 12:06 pm

    Love your blog and this post!

    I started a baking blog about 6 months ago now and agree you feel guilty about wanting to post about other topics. Travel is also a big passion of mine so I want to be able to discuss that too, obviously being a food blog it will always come back to food though.

    I also agree on that fact that it teaches you so much. I’ve learnt so much about photography and use the natural light to get the best photos I can. In time I will look at investing in some equipment but right now I’m enjoying it being just me, my camera and my creations.

    If you like baking please do take a look at my blog,
    I’m also on Bloglovin.

  6. March 24, 2015 / 12:12 pm

    I love the process of planning posts, thinking about how you will take photos, looking for inspiration… I used to have a job where I worked with creatives, and I kind of miss that, so putting that energy into my blog is something I really enjoy.
    I also completely agree on the skills front. Never ever did I think I would be able to learn a bit of html code!
    I’m very knew to this and have found a few supportive and lovely people, but still feel a little lost in the bloggosphere, so if there are other newbies who want to get in touch and share experiences I’d love to know you!

    Inma x –

  7. April 7, 2015 / 7:15 pm

    Great post! I love blogging as it really is an outlet for me to track what I am reading, write what I am thinking and share the photos that I have been taking. There are some times when I really lag behind so to speak but there is always something new to pick me up!

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