Five New Season Fragrances To Try

New season is always the perfect time for a bit of an overhaul. I’m in the process of trying to strip back my wardrobe a bit, in a vague attempt to make it more grown up and mature. Along with it I want to go down a more sophisticated (darling) approach to beauty too. Not to say I don’t ooh and aah over the same products but I want a less is more approach to beauty, style and life in general. SO rather than stay stuck with my old faithful favourites I’m loving the idea of adding a new fragrance to my ‘wardrobe’ seasonally. So here’s a selection of new ones to get a little new season fragrance inspiration from if you’re thinking the same. img_3138

Here we have five scents from Aerin, Guerlain, Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Hugo Boss. All with a bit of a more ‘Autumn’ sort of feel to them, so less of the fresh and citrus types of notes that you get in  Spring/Summer and more cosy or evening type of notes. Something in each of these gives them that more ‘autumn’ feel

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence* ( £49/30ml)

The original Decadence launched in 2015 but I’ve only just gotten around to trying this new addition of Divine Decadence. If you already know Marc Jacobs fragrances then you will probably associate them with something more playful and young. From the daisy family to the Splash range. This is definitely a more ‘grown up’ scent and one that I immediately associate with evenings/date night which is why it feels like a more A/W fragrance.

First up, the packaging – pretty special. Marc Jacobs definitely knows packaging. The bottle is like a luxury designer bag, with snakeskin and a metal chain and tassel. Definitely dressing table worthy.

What does it smell like though? Officially the top notes are orange blossom, champagne and bergamot. Heart notes of honesuckle, hortensia (aka hydrangea) and gardenia. Then base notes of amber, saffron and vanilla. The combination of champagne and saffron give it the decadence (Saffron is one of the most expensive ingredients in the world) and of course champagne is just naturally linked to decadence. Then combined with loads of floral notes it creates quite a heady fragrance that I feel has more of a luxury feel to it than overly sexy. It’s a unique combination, unlike any other Marc Jacobs scent I’ve tried.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Perfume Intense* ( £50/30ml)

The original of thing launched back in 2012 and now comes this ‘blue one’ as I’ve been referring to it. I actually like this version more than the original. This is one I’ve been reaching for a lot in the day, despite it being that bit more intense than my usual daily choices. There’s something about this that just appeals to me. You know how some fragrances just do that, defy your own ‘typical’ choices and just strike a chord with you.

Well this one comes in a gorgeous blue edition bottle, with the other signature Guerlain markings of the silhouette dress and curly glass lid. It’s sweet and fruity – with top notes of bergamot, cotton candy, blueberry, cassis and raspberry. Heart notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and orange blossom. Base notes of patchouli, white musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

So this really combines those fresher hits of sweetness and citrus, with the dry down of cosier notes like sandalwood and vanilla. An interesting combination but when I look at all the ingredients together I can see why I like it as there’s definitely a common thread in scents I like (Jasmine, Orange Blossom, vanilla). Vanilla seems like the perfect cosy Autumn fragrance note to me. It crops up in a lot of these new season fragrances.


My Burberry Black* ( £65/50ml)

The newest addition to the My Burberry Line, joining the male version and the original. FYI – the male versio is GORGEOUS. This is sort of the darker/sexier version of the My Burberry line. Also in a lovely classic bottle with that traditional Burberry twist to it with the bow and dark tortoiseshell lid.

Top notes of jasmine combine with heart notes of rose and peach. Then with a dry down base notes of patchouli and amber. You can start to really see some notes running through this new season theme. This is one I personally would only use at night, the rose is quite distinct in the fragrance and as such has quite a classic feel to it. Not my all time favourite Burberry scent (that has to go to Burberry Brit Rhythm that was oe of my top 15 of 2015) but a beautiful new evening option.

Aerin Tangier Vanille* ( £92/50ml)

Another vanilla based offering, I should probably just bake some cookies and fragrance my whole house like vanilla too. It just has that cosiness that Autumn is best known for. Where the other fragrances in this post so far are quite floral and more ‘traditional’ types of perfumes, this is more of a woody/musky favourite – notes I personally love and am drawn to. The top notes are vanilla, bergamot and rose. Heart notes of amber and base notes of sandalwood and musk. Overall it’s a woody, cosy scent that layers well with the matching body cream.

This one always has me feeling all grown up when I wear it. Like I should pair it with perfectly ironed chinos and a cashmere sweater. It has a bit of a unisex feel to it too, which I’ve always liked. Oh and of course one of the signature beautiful Aerin bottles with the stone adorned lids. Gorgeous.

Hugo Boss The Scent For Her* ( £44/30ml)

Then last, but by no means least we have the new one for women from Hugo Boss. I recently went to an increidble dinner to launch to fragrance and they really brought to life the notes through the food (think fish served in a bag of the smoke of one of the notes…so when it bursts you have a room filled with a smokey perfumed cloud of scent) absolutely fascinating. But the key message on this new fragrance is that it’s the woman taking control, no more swooning over the scent of a man but more about seducing them herself with her own fragrance. If you have seen the TV ad you will know what I mean – STEAMY!

The top notes are fresia and peach, with heart notes of osmanthus and a base of cacao. So the scent is quite fruity and floral overall, probably the ‘easiest’ to wear of the bunch here. But has just the right amount of richness to make it a good day to day choice for AW.

I hope the selection might have given you a little inspiration for some new fragrances to add to your collection for the new season. Any of these catch your eye or already on your wish list, I’d love to know!

*PR sample or gift


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  1. September 17, 2016 / 12:01 pm

    Lovely picks, I completely fell in love with most of the Aerin fragrances lately, the Tangier Vanille was one of them! The Hugo Boss The Scent for Her sounds right up my street as well!

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