Vice or Virtue: Week 3 #YpsilonVice

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I can’t believe it’s already the third week – have you been checking out the challenges that are being hosted daily on Stylist ? Well, I have been keeping up with the challenges I’ve taken on…including one I’ve absolutely LOVED this week. Plus I actually had a chance to use the Chrysler Ypsilon for the weekend – if you have ever lived in London you will know what I mean when I say that it feels like  real treat to have a car for a few days! The luxury of not needing to take the bus/tube everywhere and how it opens up whole new areas that you previously might not bother as it purely feels like too much effort to get to. But more on that later in the post. First up, a run down of which challenges I’ve taken on this week…

Vice or Virtue: May 27th

Virtue: Go back to your roots

Vice: Get a head-turning haircut or dip dye your style

Well, as much as this might surprise you… I went with vice for this one! Going back to my roots would be a pretty blah blog post – I’m naturally blonde, so would basically just look like I do already…just slightly more dull due to lack of highlights. So I went with Vice and decided to take the chance and have a play with some hair colour chalks – ok, so I didn’t go the whole-hog and permanently dye my hair rainbow colours. I have a wedding coming up… so the idea of accidentally giving myself a rainbow ‘do for the day slightly leaves me in a cold sweat… but I did pull out a few of the hair colour products I’ve had on my ‘to test’ list for a while and decided to give them a whirl. I’m not going to lie, I was still a little afraid they might not wash out… but decided to just go for it anyway. Then when I got started – I couldn’t get enough. I started out thinking I’d just go for a few purple strands in there maybe, but then added a touch of blue…and some pink… and off I went. Next thing you know I have rainbow dip-dye curls and a great big smile on my face. I LOVED this challenge – so fun and I love having rainbow hair. Nowhere near as scary as I thought it might be at all. Just a head full of colour – happy days!

I used the Anastasia Hair and Brow Chalks from Cult Beauty – they were really easy to use and made me wonder why I’ve not done this before. The colour looks strongest when you directly apply and don’t brush through. The top photo is brushed through, bottom is direct to hair with no brushing. Either way, I am loving adding a touch of #ypsilonvice to my hair!




The challenge on the 28th was one I dearly wanted to go Vice on… with the choice between Virtue and Vice – either booking a bank holiday day out, or going on a last-minute city break to NYC…. I adore New York, but was there in Feb and going back in November… so as much as I wanted to throw caution to the wind and choose vice – I just couldn’t. So I skipped this one and moved on to the 29th…

Vice or Virtue: 29th May

Virtue: Download music tracks that aren’t your usual taste

Vice: Book tickets for a gig with an up and coming new band

Music isn’t really my thing, well – it is, I love music and usually singing along to something or other. But I am certainly not what you call ‘cool’ with my music taste. Mainstream is the best way to describe it – and you’re mostly likely to find me singing along to ‘Jason Derulo ‘Talk Dirty’ (my latest ear-worm)  than an underground/up and coming band. So for this challenge I called upon my good friend ZOELDN (or Zoe…) to give me a list of songs I needed to download and listen to – knowing these would be out of my usual music comfort zone… the list of songs she gave me are the following…


I’m happy to say I’m not totally uncool in that I knew a lot of these artists (phew) although if you asked me to name their songs I’d be a bit stumped. My faves from this new playlist are the Katy B (I am partial to a touch of Katy B from her first album anyway) and Chvrches – partly because I like trying to say Churches with a V in there (ch-vur-ches…?). But I am happy to have discovered a few new tunes – and feeling like I have earned myself a few extra cool points in the process…

Vice or Virtue: 1st June

Virtue: Go on a day trip to a new destination

Vice: Stick a pin in a road map and see where it takes you

Well, this is where having the use of the snazzy little Chrysler Ypsilon car for the weekend came in rather handy. We decided to make a bit of a weekend of it – covering off a mixture of the random/new destination side of things…plus using the car for pretty typical adventures such as a trip to Ikea and the chance to do a food shop without breaking my back lugging it all home… I know, the glamour in my life is shocking.

So the car was delivered to me on the Friday evening, and almost as soon as I could put the keys in the ignition and start the engine I was on my way to Ikea. Yes, again – you can’t quite handle the level of glamour I bring to life. As mundane as it sounds, I actually love a good trip – and it definitely was something I was excited about (I could fill a whole boot with candles/photo frames/cushions and storage I don’t really need…!) So off we went, with the lure of a plate of meatballs as reward I dragged Ollie along for the ride. Whilst the trip may sound like a virtue, at the till point it definitely became a vice for my bank balance…oops!

Then on the Saturday we had slightly more exciting plans – with a day trip out and picnic planned (with Monty the puppy along for the ride too). So we headed over to West London for the afternoon to enjoy some intermitted sunshine and re-visit our old ‘hood of Chiswick – which is where Ollie and I first lived together. So no, not a new destination – but a refreshing one to visit and I actually think it’s the first time I’ve been back there since we moved to N1 in 2009.

The plan of a picnic and sunshine was somewhat thwarted by a grumpy cricket ground manager who told us within moments of arriving that no dogs were allowed…doh! But then we headed to a lovely dog-friendly pub called The Roebuck on Chiswick High Road – where we devoured two delicious steaks and Monty lapped up all the attention.

Overall, whilst we didn’t go for the mega road-trip option with the car – we did love the little touch of luxury it gave us for the weekend. Plus as Ollie  is actually in the market for a new car it was handy to get one to test drive (FYI  – very easy to drive, spacious boot and I loved the sporty look). All in all – a good weekend with something out of the norm in there for a nice but of vice/virtue variation.

Chrysler Ypsilon.jpg roebuck with monty.jpg


This is my final of the Vice or Virtue challenges – sob! I’ve actually loved the idea of shaking things up a bit and breaking out of my usual routines. Even simple things such as taking a new route to get somewhere you go regularly, or having a ‘sod it’ moment where you do just give in and have a duvet day.

The challenges are going on for a few more days over on the Stylist Magazine Website with each challenge to be taken part in – don’t forget there’s the overall grand prize of a pretty kick-ass trip to Dubai with a stay at Le Royal Meridien (plus the smaller daily prizes too). Don’t miss out on your chance to check it out!  Get involved on twitter using the #YpsilonVice #YpsilonVirtue too.

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    cute post im blonde too and would love to give the colours a try . hi from west london !

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