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I’ve been thinking about trying Botox for quite a few years now – I wrote about it for the first time back in around 2010, and have even been so far as actually ending up on a doctors couch with him all ready to make the incision and then freaking out a bit and backing out (in my defence I thought the appointment was a consultation to start with rather than going straight in for it). In 2012 I decided I was going to just go for it, went into a Sk:n clinic hoping to be able to get an appointment but then one thing led to another and it didn’t work out (basically i freaked out again). But I finally took the plunge – and wanted to tell you a little about it.

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Firstly, I think Botox has quite a negative stigma. For those I’ve spoken to about it or mentioned it the most normal reaction has been ‘don’t do it’ or ‘your face will be frozen’ or other stereotypes. Fair enough in some cases, there’s many a person or celeb out there who have maybe taken it a bit far and I can certainly see how that happens. But more on that in a little while. I

For me, I didn’t want botox purely out of curiosity or some fear of ageing or anything. I had one specific issue that I found was coming up time and time again as an insecurity. This being fine lines under my eyes – in particular the smile lines that start to extend down my cheeks. For years I had tried every eye cream you can think of to try and reduce it, but every time I saw my face in the mirror or photos I felt like I looked tired or older than I am. I became obsessed with it, I wouldn’t go anywhere without an eye cream in my bag to make sure they didn’t show up worse and worse during the day (the slightest hint of dehydration made them look more prominent). After a few years of trying alternatives, I became more and more aware that botox really was the next step if I was really that bothered about the lines. To be honest, I was and that’s why I decided to go for it. I honestly don’t like the idea of ‘injecting a poison’ into my face, which is essentially what it is, but when so many people have this done every day and horror stories are pretty rare, I decided that the relative risk was small compared with the potential benefit in my eyes (literally in this case…).

It’s not something I have really told that many people – I know my Mum and Fiance wouldn’t be all that happy about it. I did tell them I was thinking about it and they didn’t like the idea. I also told them I probably wouldn’t tell them if I did (and that I doubted they would notice a difference – and they haven’t). That’s the thing I guess, for me it was never about other people or what other people noticed – it was just making that subtle difference to me and making me feel better – which is exactly what it has done. I’m actually really glad they didn’t notice anything different.

It’s hard to describe without sounding a bit fluffy, but for me the big difference having botox has made is that I now feel I look the way I should do instead of a tired/older looking version of myself. I do still have some fine lines under my eyes, and I’m ok with that – I don’t want to be ‘flawless’ to the point of looking un-natural. I am in my late twenties, as much as I don’t want to admit that – so I do have a few little laughter lines. It was just how deep they were and how far down my cheeks they reached that bothered me. I feel like it’s just made that subtle difference that makes me feel more confident to smile in photos without my eyes concertina-ing up like a screwed up paper bag.

There were a few things I was worried about before I went for it – so below are a few of my pre-botox worries/questions and my post-botox answers:

Pre: Will I feel like parts of my face are numb/frozen?

Post: Not at all, your face feels totally normal. The oddest part is for the week or so afterwards you will be constantly looking in the mirror and pulling funny faces to see if you notice it taking effect.

Pre: Does it hurt?

Post: No more than a normal injection. Sure, it’s in your face – but as someone who hates injections it was fine (just keep your eyes shut). I didn’t have anything like headaches or anything on the day-of or any other noticeable side effects.

Pre: Will I bruise/swell up?

Post: I didn’t at all. I had the slightest of red marks from one of the needle incisions but that was it and no-one else noticed it and even if they did it probably just looked like a spot. 

Pre: Don’t people get ‘hooked’ and end up looking frozen from wanting more and more?

Post: I can totally see how this happens. I love the results because they’re subtle, but equally it has made me seriously consider going back to maybe look at getting my frown lines done too… but for now I want to take it slow and stick with the one area I started with. I think at the end of the day this comes down to having a good Doctor who will advise and not let you take it too far. When I went back to Courthouse Clinic for my two-week post treatment check up, I was all ready to ask for a little dose more (I had gone for the ‘baby botox’ option to make sure I went with very subtle, but my doctor advised not to at this stage and to just ever so slightly increase the dose the next time I had it done and see how I felt. I liked this approach as felt I was in very safe and very trustworthy hands.

I guess the final thing to say is how I feel now and will I have it again. The answer would be 100% yes, I will definitely have it again and plan to do so ahead of my wedding (around a month before to make sure it’s had time to ‘settle’ etc). I’m definitely a convert, I am pleased I took the plunge – the best bit being that I now just don’t obsess over the lines any more and feel happier and more confident day to day. I definitely think there’s no looking back, I suspect it would be very rare that someone really doesn’t like the results and doesn’t have it again – this is one of the things I think held me back at first – knowing that once I did, there was little chance I would decide against again doing it again.

I hope this post helps you, even if you’re not considering having botox – but maybe to just have a little bit of insight into what it’s like and my own motivation for having it and feelings now I have. If you have any questions just leave me a comment or drop me an email if you would rather – happy to answer whatever I can.

I went to Courthouse Clinic for my Botox treatment and this is where I plan to return. My experience was great and it came highly recommended from a couple of bloggers and friends so I felt in very safe hands for something I was initially quite nervous about.  I also very much feel it’s a good idea to stay with the same place if you find a practitioner that you’re comfortable with as they will get to know your face and how it responds with each treatment, which will lead to better results in the longer term. 

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  1. July 3, 2014 / 3:12 pm

    Hi, I too took the plunge back at the beginning of May after mulling Botox over for a long, long time. I’m a little (hmm lot) older than you so my issues were probably worse than yours but by no means anything major. I’ve always tried to take care of my skin but fine lines were creeping up on me – eyes, one stubborn one on my brown and the dreaded ’11’. I’m so happy with the results and will definitely be going back for more when needed. As you too no one has really noticed. My other half didn’t want me to get it done for fear of having a frozen face and his argument was that if you can’t tell you’ve had it done then why bother. However I can tell, and that’s what matters to me. I hope I’m not an overly vain person but I just feel better now that I don’t have to worry about looking tired and annoyed most of the time. I’ve found that my makeup also applies better and oddly seems to stick around longer too. Foundation and concealer no longer sits in my creases and enhances them rather than helps to blur. All round I’m so pleased I took the plunge and made the investment. Thanks for the post, its always good to hear other people’s experiences and some myths dispelled.

    • Jen
      July 4, 2014 / 8:51 am

      It’s definitely a big ‘plunge’ to take I think, but I definitely don’t regret it as I feel better and more confident and that to me is what it’s all about x

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