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Ok, so this certainly isn’t my usual style of post – but I figured it’s as good a place for my thoughts as any. So here goes. I’ve been having a bit of a case of blogging fatigue recently – not something I really anticipated when I left my full time job to do this. Now, blogging fatigue does not mean I don’t love blogging anymore – I do, I *really really* do. I am still in my happy place when at my desk tapping away or setting up shots to take for the reviews etc. But I think there’s something not quite right at the moment – it might be general life getting in the way. Which believe me, feels 100% lame when I’ve always had a full time job to juggle in the mix until this year – so it’s not lack of time – bit maybe a bit of a lack of head space?! Not that ‘lack of head space’ is any less lame than thinking it’s a lack of time. But with various freelance projects, a new puppy (which takes a WHOLE LOT more energy and time than I probably naively expected) plus planning a wedding (also, like the puppy – takes probably a lot more energy and time than expected…), a combination of other life things like weddings for best friends or birthday celebrations and the like. Whatever it is, life has been perhaps directing some of the ‘spare’ energy I used to reserve for blogging a the point when it was full time work and blogging. So whilst previously when I was working full time that lack of energy probably knocked on to my other life things, I didn’t see friends as much as I do now etc, didn’t prioritise some of the things I do now. Which is awesome, it feels more balanced and I absolutely love how things are day to day – but I do feel the blog is suffering whilst I am focussing on other things and needs a bit of a shake up, even if only from my selfish point of view as the blogger!

To be honest, I don’t totally know why I’m putting this out there. But I guess it’s just a way of trying to be open about this slightly bizarre world of blogging – I always want my blog to be the best it can possibly be. As a blogger, I (and I suspect other bloggers) probably find it a very rare moment where you look at your blog overall and aren’t at least a little self-critical. Maybe that photo could have been better, that video edited a bit more creatively, your blog design a bit more vibrant, worded differently…whatever it is, there’s always something to niggle at yourself for. Not the healthiest things to do at all – as when I think of my blog as a whole, I am SO proud of it – it’s my little baby that started from absolutely nothing! But then there’s the dangerous case of the green eyed monster – when you perhaps read other blogs and can’t help but compare. I do read a lot of other blogs – they’re great for inspiration, but when you’re maybe having a bit of a case of your own blogging fatigue, it can be a bit risky as you end up just feeling worse.

I guess one reason I want to put this out there is to see what you lovely folk (anyone reading this) think and what you might like to see more of on the blog. I’d love to do some more London based stuff, food reviews, more travel stuff. Maybe even some more fasion bits (although you’re never going to get a ground breaking outfit from me) and I do love beauty and products and always will – but would you perhaps like to see more edits/round ups rather than single product reviews? Anything I just don’t do at the moment you would like to see? I do of course want to do more regular You Tube videos, but I think the blogging fatigue thing just means my brain hasn’t been in the right place and I’m not really one to do something like that if it’s half-arsed.

I’m trying hard not to be mad at myself for having this bout of blogging fatigue, reminding myself that I’ve been posting pretty much daily with the odd exception for over five years now – but it’s hard not to be annoyed at myself when I’m finally doing the thing I’ve always dreamed of and then have a phase of being uninspired! But I guess it was bound to happen at some point. Part of me wants to take a week off to have a proper break and come back feeling a bit more inspired and ready to blog some awesome stuff. But the other part of me doesn’t want to take a break at all and just wants to snap out of it! I suppose the ironic thing is that’s it’s not even that anything about my blog isn’t really going well – but at the same time I’m just having that ‘meh’ phase that’s not exactly ideal.

That’s probably more than enough waffling on for now I think. Apologies for the interlude in usual posts – but felt I might as well throw it out there in an effort to spark things up again. Let me know if you’re a blogger and have felt the same at some point or if you’re a reader and have some ideas as I mentioned above about things you would like to see more of!

Fingers crossed this little vent/share might help snap me out of this blogging fatigue and get back on it. Either way – thank you so much for reading xx




  1. July 9, 2014 / 2:29 pm

    Hey Jen! I’ve read a few posts like this recently and always feel for the person behind the blog.

    There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of a down period, I’m sure you had bad times when you were working full-time too! My thoughts are its your blog and you can post whatever you want. I also have a beauty blog but wouldn’t hesitate to put fashion (in fact I have done a couple) or lifestyle posts (if my ever so boring life got interesting for once) up for a bit of variety.

    I believe people follow blogs because of the writer and their style so I would say do your fashion and lifestyle posts and if people don’t like it they can wait for your next post.

    Sorry for the ramble but I love your blog and would love to hear about anything that interests you and would hate for you to stop writing because the pressure to write about what ‘others’ want becomes too much. Basically continue being you and it’ll all be fine xxx

  2. Andrew James
    July 9, 2014 / 2:40 pm

    I get what you mean i totally feel like i cant be bothered with this but i just take a little break and my “mojo” comes back and i love doing it again i just think i do get a bit “i need a break” sometimes

  3. July 9, 2014 / 2:44 pm

    Hey Jen, I can totally relate to this and have definitely felt that, even though I haven’t been blogging for even a fraction of the time you have. I’m not sure I can offer any advice but can say that I always love to read your health and fitness stuff – it really motivates me to remember to balance out my life and not spend all of it in the kitchen (as I’m doing a food blog)! xx

  4. July 9, 2014 / 2:49 pm

    What a refreshing post… I know what you mean with blogging fatigue, I sometimes get home from work and just can’t bare the thought of looking at a computer again! Perhaps blogging used to be an escape from work for you, and now it just feels like work?

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  5. July 9, 2014 / 2:50 pm

    I’ve been in the same boat recently. I love blogging, but coming up with ideas has been difficult and I don’t have much money at the minute, so can’t spend it on hauls and things to review. I took a little time out and just focused on other things, then got back to it this week and just wrote it all down that I’ve been planning.

    I would love to see some london tips, maybe days out – under £30 or so. Other than that, I also love to read restaurant reviews for London to get away from the busy ones and find hidden gems.

  6. July 9, 2014 / 3:34 pm

    This is probably the third or fourth post I’ve read like this in the last week! Blogging is really hard work, and you’ve been doing it a long time now! Definitely keep reminding yourself how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved.

    I don’t think it’s surprising at all how so many established and successful bloggers are struggling to stay motivated at the moment. For a start, blogging is a very personal story no matter what you’re writing about – you’ve no doubt changed quite a bit in 5 years and so it’s only natural that you might want to change up your content too. What I would say is that it’s better to write what you want to write about, rather than what your readers want from you – otherwise you’ll really struggle to keep interested. I learnt that the hard way myself!

    Also, you’re bound to go through a period of adjustment when you are working for yourself. There’s often a bit of a honeymoon period, but soon enough you realise with a bang that at the end of the day it’s still a job – there will be slumps, peaks and troughs, just like any other job.

    Keep your chin up, take a break if you need to, and know that you have a solid readership to support you!

  7. July 9, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    Oh, i know what you are taking about 🙂 I think there are 2 groups of bloggers. The ones, that are ugly, has no style but find´s themselves just amazing and the ones, who are looking great and doing a great job with blogging, but tend to criticize themselves 🙂 What helps me a lot is to think about, what is special about me and my blog, what is my style? Because there is a lot stuff out there and sometimes i also think-wow, this is great, why i havent done it like this? But then i remember why 🙂

  8. July 9, 2014 / 4:09 pm

    I have a blog and I definitely know the feeling! Try not to worry about it too much because you’ll only be putting more pressure on yourself. Maybe setting yourself clear boundaries of work time and non work time will help? Otherwise everything can just roll into one and leave you feeling a bit uninspired. Or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know!! And don’t be so hard on yourself, your blog is brilliant! Would be great to see a skincare routine from you and very much looking forward to more videos!

    Giveaway on my blog!

  9. July 9, 2014 / 4:18 pm

    I keep seeing posts like this. In a way it’s a shame because we shouldn’t all feel so under pressure to produce posts and spend lots of money on new products. Finding a balance is key, there is nothing worse than making something you enjoy something you dislike doing! And I must say I really like your blog the way it is! Why fix something when it’s not broken! xx

  10. July 9, 2014 / 5:00 pm

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said here and when you mentioned your life is more balanced but the blog is perhaps suffering, it really struck a chord with me. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years and haven’t posted since April. I feel completely guilty but don’t know where to ‘start again’ and feel completely dissatisfied with my blog and my general lack of interest in it, although I still love blogging and wouldn’t give it up for the world. However, I too, also feel that the rest of my life is much more balanced and I’m enjoying more of other things. Perhaps in time I’ll start to slot blogging back in alongside my general routine. Thanks for the post, it’s good to know I’m not the only one that feels like this! Liz X

  11. July 9, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    Totally understand what you mean! I go through that. I’m slightly addicted to lists! Maybe list everything you want out of your blog and try to figure out how to get there? Sometimes when I’m struggling with ideas I find that tags come in serious handy because it’s like a post or video that’s already set up for you! I think put whatever content you want into your blog. It’s your blog and you should love it and it should represent you. If anyone doesn’t like the posts, then they don’t have to read them! Haha, hope you get your mojo back!


  12. July 9, 2014 / 6:03 pm

    Love your honesty, everyone gets like that about all sorts of issues. I’ve just had an unexpected week off the gym, both my boyfriend and mother had a little dig (because I get moody if I don’t go) but it was a great rest. I kept saying I’m having a “good for the soul break”. I pampered and arranged my house a little, ate whatever food I wanted and saw my friends a ton. You definitely deserve a break and when you’re back I would love to see suggestions on a day out in London for a beauty junkie. Me and my friend are planning on a day out in the next month or two that may include Selfridges so a little itinerary plan thingy would be nice 🙂

    Enjoy your break,

    Lots of love,


  13. July 10, 2014 / 7:08 am

    I have this regularly, but I think it’s because I’m a writer in my day job too so I’m always thinking of new ideas which can become a bit much! Although it’s frustrating, it is completely normal.

    Do t make yourself feel bad about it, often if you force it it’ll make it worse or you’ll end up writing down thing for the sake of it which may not be as good. If you can spare the time, I think a break away is a really good idea. If you can, do some new things while you’re away, read something you wouldn’t normally, talk to lots of people and people watch! You can get ideas and inspiration from all sorts of places but if you’re out of your comfort zone (ie your desk) it’ll help. Make notes of interesting things you see or hear and ideas will start to come through.

    Good luck!

  14. July 12, 2014 / 12:13 am

    Whenever I feel like this I give myself some time off and just read anything and everything to gain inspiration. Your mojo will come back and until it does there is always your puppy to play with

  15. July 13, 2014 / 12:09 pm

    I know what you mean, I totally get the blogging fatigue. Thanx glad Im not the only one.

  16. July 20, 2014 / 1:55 pm

    You said what you needed to say and it’s all that matters. I love your blog and read it regurarly, and what I like is that I feel that you post what you feel like. So go on with all the ideas 🙂

  17. Mira
    July 20, 2014 / 11:09 pm

    New to this blog and i love it!!!! Came here coz I’ll be visiting London soon! So a blog post for beauty tourists visiting London would be great! Best place to beauty shop, best British must try products etc:)

    Finindstil the motivation to keep up the good work every day must be hard but I hope our comments will give u a bit of a smile and more motivation 🙂 maybe write a post or two about a subjects you haven’t touched on before but another hobby, interest etc… A sport, some music you love or where u dream of visiting and why:)

  18. Isabel O'Brien
    August 12, 2014 / 4:23 pm

    I defo have blogging fatigue.

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