Wedding hair ideas and dilemmas

wedding hair ideas.jpgHaving given myself a bit of a breather post THIS post, I’m back and lots of little ideas are popping up that I want to blog about. Starting with a wedding related one – when I first started planning the wedding I knew I wanted to blog about it as much as I could, knowing it wasn’t something you get to do very much in your life I didn’t want to miss the chance. But then when it comes down to it – it’s actually a lot harder to blog the planning process than I thought. I could waffle on about it for ages – but pictures are the issue. I have ideas and pinterest boards coming out of my ears, but when it comes to having images – there’s so few of my own to use until after the big day that it’s a bit of a challenge! But for this, now that the day is just a few weeks away I thought I can have a little natter about where I am on the wedding hair front and the couple of dilemmas I’m still facing on the hair front.

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Last time I wrote about wedding hair I did a post on wedding beauty which is partly hair and partly beauty – at that point I was still in ideas only mode, having not gotten much further than finding the venue and knowing the general theme of the day we were looking for. Now though, it’s a good 10 months down the line and we have moved a bit further (thank goodness, or else it might be panic time right now with weeks to go) and I have things in place like the bridesmaid dresses and my dress and shoes. Which obviously dictates a little more on the beauty front.

The Style

On that, I do have the dress and I adore it – I wont say too much on the off chance that my Groom-to-be has a cheeky read. But the back is a bit of a feature, but I want to wear my hair down…dilemma one. I’m not really and up-do kinda girl so want to feel like me on the day – but don’t want the dress to be ‘hidden’ by my hair.

Dilemma two is still the whole professional vs self hair do option. Do I style it myself, with a little help from my bridesmaids – or do I shell out for someone to do it on the day (me and the girls)? My biggest dilemma on this front is not really knowing anyone in the area and not having time to get up there for a trial ahead of the day – so would be going in a bit blind. But then with nerves etc, would it make sense to rely on someone who is frankly just better at hair than me! Most probably the latter…but then I’ve left it so late it might be hard to find someone who is available! I do have the advantage of it being a weekday instead of the notoriously busy weekend days in Summer…but still, I am cutting it fine!


The other side of things is a dilemma over extensions or no extensions… I have long hair, but it’s not especially thick and from all the wedding hair ideas photos I’ve been looking at the majority have amazing thick hair that the only way I could achieve is via extensions to give my barnet a bit of extra ‘oomph’. So firstly, do I go extensions – and secondly, if I do – do I go clip in/temporary ones or do I go whole hog and go for the proper ones that are put in by a professional.

I’ve been perusing the Pauls Hair World tutorial section to read up a bit more about the different types of extensions out there and which might be best for me – right now I’m leaning towards the micro-ring option over the bonded ones as I read that they don’t cause as much damage to the hair on application/wear or removal either. I’m not ruling out clip in/temporary extensions though and going to give some a trial ahead of the day to see how I feel – but it’s so hand having the how-to section to turn to as a guide – then there’s the shop that’s pretty extensive on the hair front, but also on beauty bits too – from nails and tanning, to skincare and other typical beauty bits. It’s a veritable treasure trove of information and shopping. But for hair extensions in particular – it’s been so helpful for me so far. Especially the fact you can buy or loan a colour ring, so you can take the fear of getting a bad colour match out before you buy etc- really helpful and definitely a place to go in you’re looking online for hair extension options.

Take a little peek at Paul’s Hair & Beauty World for more info.

poppy delevigne wedding hair.jpg

The Colour

The one thing I have covered and I knew immediately who I wanted to turn to for my colour – for this I am paying the lovely Jack Howard a visit. I have visited Jack a couple of times in the past for his amazing Balayage treatment and every time I have absolutely loved the effect of the colour on my hair. With blonde hair it can be quite tricky to get the perfect balance of the right shade, brighter, lightening and flattering without going too bleach blonde, still looking ‘expensive’ blonde rather than cheap – but also feeling like something has actually been done! Right now, I have a bit of a root situation, it’s not too obvious but it’s been a while since the last time I coloured my hair (which I did myself) and prior to that even longer since I had it done professionally – purely because I wasn’t too keen on messing around as I got closer to the wedding so have held off. So I am very, very, excited to be booked in with Jack at the lovely Neville Salon – which I have visited before but not for a few years. I just know I’m in safe hands and will leave very happy with the colour.

Especially also knowing that my current bridal hair idol – Poppy Delevigne – also had her gorgeous shade of blonde tended to at the same salon (she’s a client of Jack). Now if they can just make me look like her for the big day, I’ll be a very happy bride! Failing a full face/body make-over – I’d love to leave with a similar buttery blonde hue on my head.


I will of course be blogging again about what I go for and the final photos etc after the day! But until then…any suggestions or ideas welcome on how to solve/make a decision on my wedding hair ideas and dilemmas are welcome!

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  1. July 14, 2014 / 12:03 pm

    I definitely think you should have your hair down on the day, there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or not feeling like yourself on your big day! Maybe you could do a deep side parting and bring your hair to the front of your shoulder? That way you wouldn’t be hiding the back of your dress, just a thought! I went for clip in extensions for my big day and they looked pretty good! (if I do say so myself! haha!) Just make sure the colour matches perfectly, most salons will let you take them in and dye them for you. Looking forward to seeing some pictures in a few weeks, you must be so excited!

  2. July 14, 2014 / 12:37 pm

    I am so stuck as to how I would like my hair done I was thinking down with some soft curls but then I would hate to have my hair to fall out and look limp or even fluffy so I am thinking of going for a hair up!
    I don’t think I can decide until I have found the perfect veil then I can play around a little.
    I hope you figure it out easily!
    xo Holly xo


  3. Ella
    July 14, 2014 / 6:43 pm

    Hi Jen,
    I really think if you want your hair down then that’s the way to go. There’s still so many ways to do it without taking anything away from the feature point. You could have a deep part and some stylized curls for perhaps a more retro look. Or what I would personally go for is a gentle side part into a cascading waterfall plait around the back from one side then have the rest of the hair over one shoulder with some loose curls. In my mind it’s quite Blake lively, a perfectly undone look!

    Hope you work it out, Ella xx

  4. July 15, 2014 / 12:30 am

    I love interesting ‘down dos’, plaits are so sweet and feminine. My wedding is next summer and i’m hoping my hair grows long enough to do something nice with it by then.
    xo Kirsty

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