Unless you avoided the internet completely over the last couple of weeks then there’s a pretty big chance you will have spotted the latest video from Dove – all about #ChooseBeautiful and how women naturally gravitate towards ‘average’ over beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, then take a moment to watch it below. But first, before I tell you about the #ChooseBeautiful challenge I took on last week, a little about my immediate thoughts when I first saw the video. My initial thoughts were quite personal, in that it was a bit of a reminder that I am 100% someone who chooses average on a daily basis. If I look at my own face or body there’s very little I will honestly be able to say I like. Which in itself makes me a little sad – after all, the reason I write this blog is all about feeling good and doing those little things that make you feel or look a bit better. But I guess the challenge is trying to pin point why…


In many ways it comes down to how I treat or look after myself day to day. Over the year and a bit I’ve been working for myself I realise certain habits have crept in and they’re certainly not ones that make me want to #ChooseBeautiful at all! On days when I’m working from home I’ll often be in the comfiest of clothes, hair tied in top knot and not a stitch of make-up on. Now, I’m certainly not saying fancy clothes and make-up are the way towards choosing to feel beautiful, but honestly those moments of making a bit more effort to take care of yourself really do make a difference. Taking time to wear nicer clothes, even when nobody but Ollie and the dog will see me or spending a little time putting on some of my favourite make-up. I know I’ll never be the blogger who sits at home blogging away in my best outfit and a full face of make-up! But that doesn’t mean I can’t allow myself a little more time to do something that may not feel essential but does make me feel a little happier about myself. Same goes for that age-old habit of never wearing your favourite clothes as you’re saving them ‘for best’ – that’s a little private promise I wanted to make for myself, to wear my favourite clothes as much as I can rather than constantly save them so they’re never worn!

But after that little personal ramble, last week I did take on a selection of little #ChooseBeautiful challenges – to encourage and remind me to choose beautiful in my own life on a daily basis and to take a moment to share that. I spent some time chatting to Natalie Thomas – Life Coach and Psychologist and we talked about the things that make me feel good, and the times when I’ve felt the most beautiful. The times I have felt the most beautiful was on my wedding day – and it wasn’t just down to the dress, hair, make-up… it was just the feeling of being totally happy and beaming from ear to ear all day long. My face got a bit shiny and my hair a bit frizzy… but I didn’t care! I was having the best day and that’s what felt so great.  Beyond that, on holiday I always feel beautiful – I think sunshine does that to me! I love the sun (with SPF of course) and there’s something so care free about holiday that just equals feeling good. Natalie and I also talked about how I would describe myself – and she promised to share this as a reminder with me on the day of my challenge.


One of my key challenges was to share three compliments or kind words with people across a day. To share a bit of positivity and hopefully make a few other people feel good in the process. So I took the time to have a little chat with the postman when he arrived – and made sure I told him to have a lovely day (see, it’s not all about women don’t you know), I asked a stranger where her shoes were from (they were bright turquoise with a silver heel and just lovely!) which I’ll often not do and then regret it – why wouldn’t we ask!? If I’m asked where somethings from I know it makes me feel good!? Then finally I wanted to share a bit of positivity with the people who follow me on Twitter and Instagram so just this morning I shared a little message – who doesn’t need a bit of positivity on a Monday morning?

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As it shows in the video – sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement from others to sort of ‘allow’ yourself to #ChooseBeautiful – and as much as I’d love to get to the point where we all naturally choose to feel and ‘self identify’ as beautiful, I know it’s probably not really in our nature as women to do so. So until then, let’s take a little time to be a little more open with the compliments and nice words and encourage that choosing beautiful is a positive thing.

As for me, I’m going to take a little more time getting ready for the day today (one of the things that makes me feel good is a bath, and whilst I don’t have time in the morning I can take a little longer and use some of my favourite shower products whilst I’m there…it’s the little things).

What are you going to do today to help you #ChooseBeautiful ?

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  1. April 20, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    This was such a great post to read on Monday morning. I’ve seen a lot about the video but haven’t watched it until now. It totally brought me to tears! I absolutely love the way you chose to feel beautiful and I think the world could do with some more positive people! Way to go!! 🙂

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