Three: New Skincare Favourites

My skincare routine is fairly predictable – I tend to find things I like and stick with them until they’re done (or very close to done and then I open something else but keep the last bits for fear of it running out…and then I end up with too much stuff and get annoyed at clutter…). Lately though I’ve been mixing in a few new skincare favourites, so wanted to have a little chat about them.


Firstly, a bit about my skin. It’s a bit confused most of the time and can’t seem to decide if it wants to be oily or if it wants to be dry and dehydrated. Or also known as combination. I pretty much always have dehydrated skin on my cheeks and around my eyes. Then I tend to get shiny in my T-zone. Most recently my bug bear has been having dry flaky skin on my nose…despite regular exfoliating. But this is also the bit of my face that gets shiny too?! Is it dry or is it oily?! It can’t seem to make it’s mind up… but luckily a couple of these products have been helping out.

Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil* – (£29 Space NK)

This is part of the Polyphenol range from Caudalie. One that launched last year and makes some big promises on the anti-oxidant front. The range includes a serum, a face lotion (with SPF) and an eye/lip cream and now most recently there’s this oil and a face cream (a richer version of the existing lotion which smells like oranges and feels wonderful to use).

This Overnight Detox Oil is the one I’ve been really loving – I do love my overnight oils (Clarins Blue Orchid being my go-to) – but this one has been great as it feels a lot lighter and seems to really get along with my combination skin. I honestly don’t know how much of a detox it really delivers but what I can say is that my skin hasn’t had any breakouts since using this and it still feels hydrated. Great if you’re maybe more on the oil side and worried oils will make things worse – this won’t as it’s super light. Give it a go!

bareMinerals Mineralixirs Eye Nourishing Oil Balm* – (£20.80 Look Fantastic)

An oil balm for the eyes? That’s a whole lot of my magic words in one product. I love a balm, I love oils and I love anything that promises to hydrate around the eyes. A magic trio? Perhaps. This is one if you have seriously dry skin problems around your eye area *raises hand*. It’s basically a balm that melts to an oil texture when you touch it, then when on the skin it really hydrates and leaves skin feeling quite soothed although as it’s an oil many may prefer nigh time use. For me, this is one I’ve been using overnight and then on desk-days when I’m not going anywhere I’ll pop this on.

The one thing that I was a little surprised by is that the texture is very slightly gritty and it takes a moment or so to massage this slight gritty texture away. But it’s not harsh or scrubby, just the faintest feeling of bobbly texture – but something to be aware of, so you’re not surprised when you first use it.

Melvita Pulp De Rose Rose Plump Duo* –  (£25 Look Fantastic)

I actually mentioned this one already in THIS post but it’s so lovely I wanted to talk about it in a little more detail. This is one that my skin is absolutely drinking up – I’ve been using at night or in the day and either way my skin seems to really love it. It’s a spray but one you would spray a pump or two into your hand before you apply to your face. When I use this my skin instantly feels hydrated and soft, even without an actual moisturiser. The oil/rose water combination is enough to make it feel good.

The Rose Plump Duo makes your skin glow (no shimmer required) and has been a God-send after a late night on a couple of occasions. Day time wise I’ve been using as an alternative to a serum, before moisturiser and I absolutely love it. The fact it smells of rose (not too heady though) is lovely too. A new firm favourite.

Interesting trend I only noticed when writing this post up…all three of my newest skincare favourites are oil based ones. Well, I did say I love an oil?! This backs that up I guess. Tell me, what do you think of oils in skincare – are they something you love or perhaps a bit wary of them?

*Indicates PR sample or gift.



  1. April 19, 2015 / 10:05 am

    The thing I like about Melvita Pulp De Rose Rose Plump is it keeps my skin away from dryness always. It makes me feel comfortable and confident to go out. Very elaborate post there.

  2. Alice
    April 19, 2015 / 1:01 pm

    I also really really like the Melvita Pulpe de Rose. I use it in the morning and at night, and my skin also seems to drink this product up.
    I’m relieved to hear that your BareMinerals Eye balm is also gritty, I started to think mine was off. However, I don’t like using this on its own. I actually use it on top of another eye cream whenever my skin is really dry or fatigued. I’ve been experimenting with new eye creams lately, but I will definitely go back to using my Shiseido eye creams.

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