Jubilee beauty #3

The Jubilee may be over, but in my vain hope of the patriotic spirit living on (got to have something positive in the lack of actual summer/sunshine to do the job) I’m going to keep on with my Jubilee themed posts! This one is for Yardley’s ‘Royal Diamond’ fragrance.
Yardley are famous for their super-British fragrances (I love their Royal English Daisy fragrance) and this to me is a classic ‘grown up’ scent. If Royal English Daisy is for the young royals, then this is for the Queen. So totally Jubilee appropriate. 
Notes include pear and bergamot, honey, and florals including rose, peony and lily of the valley, with vanilla at the base.
For me personally, the fragrance is a little too mature – although I do love the initial heady notes, I’m not a huge fan of overly floral fragrances that this settles to – but this would be a good go-to prezzie for lovers of classic floral fragrances. I reckon the Queen loves it!
Royal Diamond is £9.99 from Yardley.co.uk (currently reduced to £7.49)

PR sample.

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