GHD Platinum Azores Collection

I’ve been a ghd user for over a decade now. Pre ghd I dabbled in another brand offering that just didn’t cut it, so when Christmas 2002 rolled around there was one and only one item on my wish list. Enter my first pair of ghd stylers and I haven’t looked back. The thing I wondered when the brand was launching a series of new variants (most frequently the same styler in new colour ways) was how they could possibly improve on a tool that already worked so well? Well, enter the ghd platinum and low and behold, ghd have upped their own game.IMG_1736
In all honesty, I had my doubts. Was it maybe just a slight aesthetic update and adding some chrome details to make them look pretty. But the ultimate test can when I actually had to return to using the regular ghd tool for a short time – I  didn’t even think about it at the time. I just reached for the ghd stylers I had and went for it. But it just didn’t feel the same – they weren’t quite as comfortable to hold or quite as smooth to pull through hair.

Ok, so the original stylers are still really good and I’m not saying you need to ditch them and upgrade immediately. It’s more just a case of sharing that when I’ve tried both and switched between them I can hand on heart say there is a difference that’s significantly more than just aesthetic. IMG_1739IMG_1740
I should also mention that the colour way shown here is the the ghd Platinum Azores collection edition. A pearly variant when the core line comes in a white and black options. It’s very pretty – but the difference between the core line and the Azores is just the colour way. It’s the difference between the original styler and the Platinum that really stands out to me! IMG_1741IMG_1742

The key differences of the ghd Platinum are:

– Tri-zone technology: three sensors on each plate mean that each plate is checking and regulating the temperature at three points to ensure even heat all over. Avoiding surges or drops in temperature, making it kinder to hair overall.

– Erganomical design: A wish bone style movement hinge makes it smoother to use and easier to hold.

– Sleep mode: Turns off after 30 minutes. Peace of mind!

As I said at the start; I had huge doubts that ghd could improve on the existing straighteners. But having tried them back to back with the original I can say I’m a 100% Platinum convert!

The Limited Edition ghd Azores collection is out now. ghd Platinum Azores* is £165 and available now: 

*PR sample or gift


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