Avene Cleanance Expert

You know how it goes, you’re having a good skin phase – it’s all good, no spots or whatever else and then one big old sucker shows up. Right in the most prominent place, and usually right around the time you have a big event or meeting. If only there was a miracle cure that really got rid of a spot that is brewing over night.  Oh, but wait – there is. I had heard good things about Avene Cleanance Expert but in all honesty had never reached for it before. Until a big old beast of a spot threatened to make an appearance. One of those under-the-skin pests.Avene Clearance Expert

So I did what every logical person does and tweeted looking for a miracle cure, or anything that might just work a treat to prevent the mount vesuvius from erupting.

Well, the good news is that this Avene Cleanance Expertworked an absolute treat. I applied it the day after the spot made an appearance, at night and by morning that sucker had shrunk down so it was less volcano and more mole hill.

Avene Cleanance Expert is designed to clear congestion over time, not just on emergency spots. So if you suffer from breakouts in a particular area or maybe even want to work to clear blackheads then it’s worth adding this into the routine on a regular basis.

Based on it’s performance of shifting my mega-zit overnight, it’s for sure one I’ll be keeping close to me just in case of any breakouts that threaten in future.

Avene Cleanance Expert * is available from Boots.com

*PR sample or gift


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