Six Spring Beauty Swaps

Spring has sprung and doesn’t it feel good?! I absolutely love this time of year – there’s this feeling of excitement for Summer around the corner, the days getting longer, sun feeling warm, plants springing up all over the place and the daily urge to buy fresh flowers and fill the house with them. Along with that comes the annual ‘Spring clean’ routine – which inevitably leads to an inbox filled with press releases about ‘Spring clean your make up bag’. But rather than go down that angle I thought I’d just suggest a handful of Spring Beauty Swaps that you might want to make this season to give your beauty routine a little refresh, without needing a total overhaul. Spring beauty swapsSpring beauty swaps

Spring Beauty Swaps:

1. Switch powder for cream – Swapping out your usual go-to powder blusher for a fresh shade of a creamy textured blush is an instant update. Think peachy cheeks with a dewy glow and I challenge you not to feel instantly fresher and more Spring-like. This shade is Paul & Joe Creamy Blush in the shade 01 Kitten *. This is the refill version that slots neatly inside the regular Paul & Joe Compact. The colour is a perfect peachy pink that is one of those colours that will hide a whole manner of sins/late nights.

2. Go nude – Nope, not talking get naked. It’s warm, but it’s not *that* warm yet. But swap your darker lip shades for a balmy nude for an instant beauty swap. Even if you normally go nude, switching from a matte/intense lip colour to a more sheer balmy one is an easy way to make a fresh change for Spring. Or if you can’t live without your favourite darker lip colours then go dark but maybe switch textures from matte to something creamier. The shade here is ‘Topless’ (see above… not that warm yet) from the Too Faced La Creme lipstick range * and its’ absolutely packed with moisture but doesn’t lack in pigment so gives a balm-like feeling but lipstick look.

3. Spray on a bit of Spring – Changing your go-to fragrance is an immediate way to spray on a Spring-like feeling. Of course fragrance is such a subjective thing, but anything with citrus notes, or green leafy like fragrances is the sort of thing I lean towards at this time of year. Anything lighter and fresher with a real ‘clean’ note to it all. My new Spring fragrance that I’m absolutely loving that ticks all the ‘smells like Spring’ boxes is Diptyque Eau Des Sens * – a scent full of citrus with top notes of orange blossom (a personal favourite as it was a scent I wore for my wedding) and bitter orange. About as fresh and Spring like as they come and I can’t get enough.

Spring beauty swaps

4. Fresh lashes – Spring is always a good time to give your mascara a swap around. I have tried to get into a routine where I have a new one every three months on the go (or more accurately, I get rid of those three months old) so I swapped out my old ones at the start of the year with a ‘New Year, New Mascara’ attitude and now, three months in it’s time to swap again. For me one downside of Spring is hayfever so I always tend to look for a waterproof one at this time or year but I also just want one that’s nice and black, dramatic but still vaguely natural looking (i.e. not clumpy). I’ve actually been testing out a few new mascaras and one that I’ve been impressed by is the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout * as it’s designed to give a fanned out lash look – which is good for a eye-widening, bright-eye look.

5. A fresh lick of (nail) paint – Over winter I naturally lean towards dark nails, deep burgundy, grey, dark blue… so Spring comes around and one of the quickest ways to update your beauty routine is change the nail colour to go for. So instead of the darks I’ve been reaching for pastels (pastels for Spring… how original) and whites with the odd super-bright blue. A favourite pastel of mine is this lilac creamy shades from Smith & Cult in the shade Fauntleroy *.

6. Get your glow-on – I do love a tan but a real one is off the card for various reasons (burning risk, sun damage, ageing effects… the list goes on). So if I want to be anything but as pale as they come then I need to go down the fake tan route. Rather than jump in head first to the full on fake territory, in Spring I tend to like to reach for something a little lighter and go for a gradual tanning option so I avoid going from pale to deeply bronzed overnight. Building up gradually so I can at least kid myself that I have a naturally sun kissed glow… even if I’m probably not really kidding anyone else. I’ve been trying out two products on this front lately – Vita Liberata Gradual Tan * (not pictured) and Xen Tan Fresh Face Tan *. The Vita Liberata has been doing a good job of adding a bit of colour to my body…which hasn’t seen any sun in quite some time. Although my ankles where I’ve been a little less than careful are on the darker/striped side, it’s nothing a scrub wont fix.

The Xen Tan has won me over for how nice it feels to use – it’s a medium shade so I do tend to blend with a little of my usual moisturiser to tone down the colour a little whilst I build it up. But this one does feel lovely to use with a soft vanilla scent. I sometimes find it feels like some self tan seems to sort of ‘sit on top’ of the skin on the face and takes an age to absorb. But this one doesn’t, it soaks straight in and I find the colour it’s been building too is quite natural. Although there are other paler (light/medium) options in the Xen Tan range if going straight in at medium puts you off.

Hope this little round up of Spring beauty swaps might have given you a little bit of a spark for how you might want to give your beauty routine a little seasonal refresh now the longer days are here! Any other suggestions to add into the mix let me know!

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