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I used to be a die-hard advocate of a foaming cleanser – it was the only way I truly felt like my skin was properly clean after cleansing. But gradually, little by little I realise I had moved away from foam based cleansing and opted for micellar water or oil based cleansers instead. Honestly, it would take a lot for me to ditch an oil cleanser or a micellar water and return to foam cleansing again. In general my dry skin prefers the oil or water based cleansing – I still don’t love a cream cleanser at all though. But despite this, this bottle arrived right before we moved house – when lots of my usual cleansing products had been stashed away in boxes – I reached for this Collistar Cleansing Foam to give it a whirl.



The first thing I noted was that it was a reminder of how squeaky clean skin feels after using a cleansing foam. It’s a satisfying feeling, but it was one of the reasons I previously moved away from foam cleansing as I realised that the squeaky clean feeling – whilst feeling satisfying – is also a sign that the moisture from skin is also being washed away. That ‘squeaky clean’ sensation is often (for me) a precursor for my skin feeling tight and dehydrated. Which is obviously not ideal.

I guess the ‘wonder product’ would be a foaming cleanser that was also truly hydrating and left skin soft at the same time. This one is definitely a good cleanser and does leave skin feeling clean, but it does leave mine feeling on the dryer side too unfortunately. Nowhere near as bad as some of the foaming cleansers I’ve used in the past, but whilst I love the fresh clean feeling of a foaming cleanser my dry skin just doesn’t get along with them I think.

I do like how this is dispensed as a foam – so it’s not a liquid that you need to foam up/lather on the skin – it applies already in foaming form. Which does mean it feels lighter than the usual foaming cleanser – and I reckon contributes to it not feeling quite as drying as most foaming cleansers.

I think this cleanser would be good if you’re a fan of a foaming cleanser and perhaps don’t already have dry skin. If you’re oily/normal then it could be one to throw in to the skin care mix. It does say it has that cleansing/toning feeling in one – which is always good if you want to save a bit of time.

Collistar Cleansing Foam * ( £18)

* PR sample or gift.



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  1. September 28, 2015 / 1:06 pm

    My mum uses this foam since years now and she loves it. She has normal skin, so probably for her it’s ok. I’m glad that some italian brands like Collistar (I’m italian) start featuring on great blogs like yours! 😉

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