London Fashion Week ~ With Vita Coco {LFW}

So, fashionista types all over the capital are all probably collectively sighing with relief right now as another season of London Fashion Week is over and the chaos has moved on to the next fashionable city until next season. With a new venue for the official London fashion week shows, plus the always exciting Fashion Scout in the usual Covent Garden home is was an interesting season. I didn’t do as much as I have in previous years as I was a touch distracted by all the house moving excitement. One show I did take in was Niro Wang – part of the Fashion Scout show line up.
The show itself was an interesting one – full of dramatic atmosphere with a dark and moody sounding sound track and models walking at a super-slow pace. Which made a change from the usual march and pose of the catwalk. The models were more slow and steady where they had quite a melancholy expression as they did it. The clothes were an interesting mix – with some brights and some grey shades. With prints looking marble-inspired and others that were more colourful with a bold print. The stand out piece for me being the blue-printed dress (top right image).

I was to attend the show courtesy of Vita Coco who are a key partner of the Fashion Scout shows for 2015. A little about Vita Coco – they’re the brand behind a whole range of coconut related products. From the delicious coconut water drinks, to Vita Coco Cafe (the coconut water based cafe late & mocha cafe late range) plus of course the classic cold pressed 100% raw Coconut Oil. 

If you aren’t familiar with the multiple benefits of Coconut Oil then I would hazzard a guess that you may very well have been living under a rock. It’s a rare breed of product that can be used in everything from baking, to hair and skin care. With a whole host of things in between.

Some of the uses of coconut oil or #coconuthacks include:

– Deep conditioning treatment for hair

– Intensive moisturiser (FYI it’s amazing for dry cuticles overnight)

– Make-up remover (it works just like any other oil cleanser to really help shift make-up)

– As a cooking oil (adds a touch of flavour whilst you cook)

My favourite ways to use coconut oil are as a deep conditioner for my hair – where I’ll apply to dry bits and the end whilst I have a soak in the bath and then shampoo out and condition as normal. So you get all the hydration but leave hair fresh and not weighed down. Or applying just a touch to my dry cuticles before bed along with my usual handcream to give them a bit of overnight TLC.

IMG_0179 IMG_0173 IMG_0065 IMG_0136

Along with the many endless uses of coconut oil  – the first ‘Vita Coco experience’ I had was with the original Vita Coco Coconut Water and I haven’t looked back. The stuff is refreshing but that bit more interesting than plain old water. I mentioned in one of my other posts this week about being really dehydrated after a few weeks of not drinking enough water so this has been the perfect reminder to be chugging something a bit more refreshing and get my hydration levels back up again. Plus it’s been perfect for me to skin the usual caffeine fix of a can of diet coke by replacing it with a Vita Coco Cafe Cafe Late – which are quite frankly, delicious. Plus, easy to stash on your bag for on the go!


Fashion week or no fashion week – whatever you’re busy doing there’s no harm in adding a few #coconuthacks into your life. I’ve always been a big fan of multi-tasking products and as far as multi-tasking can go, you can’t get much more versatile than Coconut Oil!

Post sponsored by Vita Coco.



  1. September 25, 2015 / 6:12 pm

    I love vita coco’s coconut oil which is amazing, ive done a blogpost about it on my blog! Great tips in this post!:)

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