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Ok, so the speed of Fashion Week means the London fash-pack are probably already rocking their SS15 outfits now, and yawning at all things AW14 as being totally over. But for me, one of the things I love most about London Fashion Week is the instant inspiration you can get for what to wear now. This time around I joined up with the snazzy little app that is ASAP54 to give it a whirl in capturing (and shopping, obvs) the styles and items I was spotting at Fashion Week.


A little about ASAP54 – the app is really simple to use and kinda addictive. You create your profile, then can upload pictures and select what item to search for. Spotted a bag you love – upload a snap and search for similar styles. Or you could alternatively try and find shoes in a matching print to a top you liked or just love a colour you spotted – find a dress in a similar shade. You can get inspiration from the shows, the street or stuff you see in shops. Also, the app is an absolute gem if you’re one of those people who spots stuff everywhere but maybe doesn’t *quite* have the guts to walk up to a stranger and ask where it’s from…

IMG_5275 IMG_5276


During Fashion Week I spent some time snapping a whole host of stuff that caught my eye and putting the app to the test. The bag of dreams I fell for from Russell & Bromley got the ASAP54 treatment – and delivered a whole host of similar cornflower blue shade options for me to peruse. I also took a few snaps of people and outfits from my time milling around the courtyard (seriously, the people watching there during Fashion Week is beyond fascinating). One particular outfit that caught my eye where the girl was wearing a stunning cobalt blue (I am a sucker for blue after all) paired with white and yellow – so I took a snap and ASAP54’d it for blouses in a similar shade. If you’re results don’t come back quite how you’re hoping you can also add in search terms – such as stripes or animal print or metallic to give it a little helping hand to find your perfect match. Then you can favourite and save the options they list that you like – so you can then get shopping! asap54 eg


It’s also been handy to help me try and track down a certain pair of Rose Gold Nike Air trainers that I have my eye on but are quite hard to find… they will be mine! If you want to give the app a try for yourself, then you can down load from the app store HERE and should you wish to see what other goodies I’m ASAP54’ing then you can follow me @beautyjunkieldn – that’s one of the things that make ASAP54 a little bit addictive. Not only can you do your own thing and find stuff you want, but you can follow & browse what others are ASAP54’ing – or even just have a little peruse for inspiration. My current debate is if I can pull off a coat in the same shade of yellow as show on the jumper above…

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