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I’m pretty short. 5ft3 to be precise. My legs have always been one of my curviest areas. So when the latest trend for over the knee boots has exploded, my rational brain just told me no. They’ve always been something I’ve associated with quite ‘obviously’ sexy type of outfits, and I’ve never been one to wear really skimpy clothes and always opted for comfort over showing skin or showing off my figure. But for one reason or another a growing obsession with finding a pair of perfect over the knee boots was born. So the hunt began…

My biggest problem, along with being on the short side… was that whilst dress-size wise I’m pretty middle of the road, I do seem to have pretty curvy legs. Always have had really – my thighs seem to be the first place for me to store new weight. My calf to ankle ratio has always meant that any sort of long boots has been tricky – tight around the calf, baggy on the ankle. So when you add thighs into the mix I knew this would be a tricky hunt for the perfect style to fit and flatter.

Well, I did until the first pair I tried on fit like a glove and basically felt like a dream – they were comfy, they were flattering, they felt like a dream… they were in the £600 region…

IMG_0932 IMG_0840

Ah. Sure, I could have ignore the voice of panic in my head and splurged but my sensible voice held me back from handing over the card… for a good year. Sure. I obsessed over them, went to visit them and try them on regularly… but couldn’t quite bring myself to spend that money on them…. so the search continued.
IMG_0810 IMG_0906

This is where Ted & Muffy steps in. I had heard good things about them from some blogger pals – particularly around the fact that they don’t just size by shoe-size, but also by calf size. Going both up and down to accommodate the full range of calves in the world – from the most slender to the most curvy. So when I was heading through Covent Garden one day I spotted the store and decided to pop in. Almost instantly spotting these tall grey suede over the knee numbers. I love them. Then saw the price – reduced from £400 to £150. I couldn’t leave without trying them on. Sure enough, the size was fine… the calf was too tight. But that’s what’s great about the Ted & Muffy sizing – they measured and brought me the same size, different calf width and they fit like a glove. I barely hesitated before dashing to the till and handing over my cash. On a side note – the bags and boxes from Ted & Muffy have to be some of the coolest around. Like a giant adult colouring book print.


Along with the boots, also known as the new loves of my life – which are surprisingly comfortable too. I’ve been wearing them with some other Winter favourites. Including slouchy lightweight jumpers from H&M (bargains at £14.99 each) and my animal print coat from Next. Cosy and comfortable, just how I like all my outfits. With just a hint of making an effort. Hence the love of the over the knee boot. Also, accessory wise – you know I love a good watch – and my latest ‘weekend’ watch has been this over sized unisex one from Timex * . I feel basically naked without a watch so wear one every day. This one has a giant face and chunky tan leather strap to make a bit of a statement when you wear it. A nice contrast with delicate accessories and a simple outfit. There’s actually an awesome men’s version of this with a black face that I love the look of and would have no hesitation wearing. For similar styles – ASOS

Ted & Muffy Over the Knee Boots – Acantha style (in Sale £400 reduced to £150)

*PR sample or gift



  1. Helen
    January 29, 2016 / 4:18 pm

    I have exactly the same issue as you and I’ve just done the same! I didn’t buy Acantha, I bought Dita but i adore them.

  2. January 31, 2016 / 7:52 am

    They look lovely!! 🙂 I love long boots, I think they are really flattering!


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