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Ah, I feel bad on this one as just checking out the details ahead of writing the post and I spot that this box is already sold out. Hardly surprising though, as it’s a good one. But, since I’m here already writing the post I figure I may as well go ahead as the products are all of course still on sale individually so might be helpful for mini-reviews.

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The Latest In Beauty Get The Gloss beauty box really was a good one – loads of products that as I opened it I raised an eyebrow in ‘ooh, interesting’ appreciation. Plus they had the golden ticket to a good beauty box and included not one, but two Essie nail polishes…. seriously, I swear this is how to get a thumbs up all around in the beauty world.

Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate – Intense sounding name, great product. Great as a serum moisturiser in my opinion. I’ve always been seriously impressed with Shiseido product and this is no difference – only downside being it’s only 10ml so already left me finished and wanting more.

Essie Nail Colour – Two shades, the blue/grey called ‘Parka Perfect’ and a deep berry ‘Shearling Darling’. Both gorgeous colours that I would 100% wear with Parka Perfect being right up my blue/grey loving street.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil – I’ve used this product many a time before and love how it comes in these small size roller ball tubes. Very handy for on the go and find it works wonders for things like cuticles as well as the face in general. Really lovely product and fab for handbag in this size.

James Read Sleep Mask Tan – I believe this was the first sleep-in mask tan on the market. It’s a good one, and the colour isn’t too intense so no fear of waking up like you have been tangoed. I also really like the James Read packaging – definitely one of the most slick on the market I reckon. One of my top pick products of the box.

Daniel Sandler Concealer Brush – Long thin shape, firm yet flexible. Ticks all the boxes for precise application of concealer wherever you need it. Personally I like to use a fluffy/blending brush to buff concealer into skin to get a properly even/blended finish – especially under my eyes. But for spots or other ‘imperfections’ that you want to hide this brush is ideal.

Therapie Cherish Skin Repair Serum – I’ve loved the Therapie bath salts for a while that I feel like I became blinkered to the other products from Therapie. This is one product from the box I’ve not tried yet, but if it’s half as good as the bath salts then I’m already sold.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I do love this primer, but can’t help but feel it’s been in almost every beauty box going. It’s a classic and well loved for a reason of course – if you haven’t tried it then it’s worth doing.

Glamglow Clearing Mask – I’ve only ever tried one product from Glamglow and whilst I liked it, it wasn’t necessarily one that blew me away. I don’t tend to get bad breakouts so not sure this is the best one for me to test, but it’s an interesting brand and good to see it in the box. Good to see it gets the ‘Get the Gloss’ seal of approval.

Eyeko Skinny Liner – I feel like Eyeko as a brand tends to confuse me! I still have memories of a few years ago when us beauty bloggers went nuts for the Eyeko nail polish (discontinued) and it was all quite fun and quirky. But now it’s had a bit of an image overhaul and ‘grown up’ a bit into a range of liners, mascara and eyebrow products. This is one I’ve tried before and it really is a great black liner. Solid colour and easy to use.

All in all, a great box full of zero duff products. No wonder it sold out! But the good news is that Latest In Beauty are pretty darn excellent at bringing out these impressive boxes so might be a good time to sign up and get more info for upcoming ones.

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