The Week in Five 31/05/15

As always, no promises on actually sticking to a routine on any new blog feature…as much as I love to, I’ve learnt I’m just too much of a responsive blogger to do that. But I thought it might be nice to throw in a little round up of the week from time to time…through a combination of Instagram and maybe some photos I’ve just taken for myself.

week in 5

1. Monty is back

Because we had been on holiday and then we had a wedding of some of our best friends, she’s been staying with Ollie’s parents for a couple of weeks (where Charlton & Chip the bunnies currently are too). But bank holiday weekend we popped to collect her (and see the family too!) and it’s been great to have her back. She has such a great time there – they have a gorgeous border collie called Molly and they get along so well and play constantly. But we did miss her – and she’s a total cutie when she’s tired.



2. Back to Barry’s

I’ve mentioned Barry’s Bootcamp before a few times, when it comes to working out..I need a little kick up the butt. Well, that’s exactly what Barry’s does and is exactly what I need right now. Sure, it’s intense and hard work – but post class I am always buzzing and proud of myself. Well, this week I went back to it and it felt good (and painful the following day) so I’m determined to get back into shape as I have been a lazy mo-fo over the last few months and it gets me down. But it’s totally in my hands to change, so that’s what needs to be done. Plus I’m doing a 10k run in a few weeks so need to get it together for that so I don’t have to crawl around the route.

3. House hunt

As I mentioned in my post about my mind being a  tad distracted (here) we are on the hunt for a new home. We have found one that we both really love so this week will be an interesting one to see if we can get it secured and get things moving along to making the plans to move totally official. Time will tell to see if it all works out, but as soon as I can will keep the blog updated on if and and when it might be happening. But pretty please keep everything crossed for this week working out!

IMG_0384.JPG IMG_0405.JPG

4. Dinner with Sunday Riley

This week I went along to a gorgeous dinner with Sunday Riley – the actual Sunday Riley from behind the brand. It was a really lovely evening with amazing food. The dinner was at the Chiltern Firehouse and it was the first time I’ve been and I was seriously impressed. Of all the food the bit that stuck in my head was the cauliflower… yes really. So good. It was really lovely to meet Sunday as right now I’ve been loving the Luna Night Oil. I’ll give it a proper review soon as it really is something special. But safe to say, immediately impressed.


5. Meeting Henry Holland

A week filled with dinners – no complaints here! One of which was at the tasty Soho Kitchen & Bar (think huge hot dogs and loaded burgers with crispy salty fries) with Elegant Touch and Henry Holland to celebrate and check out the latest Elegant Touch collection. Including a fast food themed press on nail design too… It was a lovely dinner and got to catch up with a few blogging favourites whilst I was there too. Always a plus.

Fingers crossed for the week ahead being a positive one too! So nervous about the house stuff!


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