Barkbeats – The Beauty Box for Dogs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll admit it, I’ve turned into a crazy dog lady. I’ll talk to anyone and everyone about my pup and show off pictures of her looking adorable to anyone who will listen. She really is awesome (also, yep – she’s a she even though she’s called Monty…). So when I was emailed by Barkbeats offering a box I couldn’t say no – especially as she’s so patient when I open my various beauty packages and pretty much always waits until my back is turned to try and chew them… ahem.

Barkbeats is basically the same idea as a beauty box like Birchbox/GlossyBox etc. But for dogs – so in the place of lipgloss there’s dog chews or dog friendly gingerbread men etc. So what better way to see how this all went down than show a few snaps of little Monty getting stuck in… Plus, any excuse to show pictures of her!


Also, I went full hog to film her taking a first look. Excuse the slightly pervy sounding comment from me part way through the little video below… but I knew she was pretty determined to get this one treat. The bit I missed off the end was when she successfully got it and sharply dashed off with it to hide it. Funny pup.

But just look at that paw-up/pleading look of ‘Please don’t make me wait and pose for photos, there’s FOOD!’….


I do think getting a monthly delivery box of treats for my dog is indulgent for sure, but every few months why not. It’s a bit of fun, and as I’m sure anyone with a pup will confirm – you do kinda want to spoil them a little?! The box shown here is the Christmas one, so has a touch of the festive-them to it, but we still have a load of the chew treats so it does last a long time. The box choice varies depending on size of dog – but for a little one like Monty it’s just under £15 for a monthly box one off (£1 postage) or you can save a bit if you subscribe for 12 months and pay in a lump sum.

If you have a dog and want to treat them then Barkbeats* have given me a discount code so you can get £5 off, just use code: BJL5

Barkbeats – info available from

*Indicates PR sample or gift. 



  1. January 30, 2015 / 11:25 am

    I just want to give your dachshund a big cuddle!

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