Blogger Office Makeover

I’m going to start this post by saying how totally in love with my office I am. I feel SO happy to go in there every day – particularly when I’m there in the afternoon as there are windows on two sides of the office and the sun just streams in. Makes it a really lovely place to spend all day, plus it’s really light so great for taking photos. Which leads nicely on to…some photos. A few snaps of the areas of the room and some of the details whilst I waffle on a bit about what I chose/where things are from etc…

Blogger Office Makeover

So the main driving factor for the office make-over was changing the floors. We previously had a fairly generic pinky beige carpet down, which was ok but not to my taste. If I had my way I’d have wooden floors all over. The wood we went for – if you’re interested – is the PH101 Oak Rustic Brushed & White UV Oiled from V4 Flooring that we got from our local flooring company. It wasn’t cheap by any means, but it’s amazing quality, sustainable and will last. Plus we have underfloor heating so it works well with that too. I loved the wood because it’s classic wood, but with the white oil treatment gives it a hint of a white wash that I love as a finish.

Then I just went with classic Dulux Pure Brilliant White on the walls, with a matt finish as I didn’t want to have any reflection/flash back issues with taking photos in the room. We had the floors fitted professionally, but I painted the walls and woodwork myself. My first painting experience…harder than it looks!

Originally for other splashes of colour I planned for it to be bright and colourful. But I’ve sort of naturally toned it all down over the past year. The biggest colour item is my Tubby Sofa – this colour isn’t available anymore (I think it was aqua) but they have a soft teal version.

On the sofa I have a couple of cushions. The gold polka dot one is a cheapy from Primark, the slogan one was in a goodybag from an event so I’m not sure exactly where it definitely cam from but I have found it on Not On The Highstreet so you can buy it from there (£18.95). There’s also a turquoise one that’s hidden by my bag…which wasn’t intentional but isn’t a bad thing as I don’t remember where that was from. Most likely Ikea I think…

On one wall of the office there’s A LOT of storage. From beauty products to paperwork, I find there’s a whole load of ‘stuff’ I need to have to hand, but also hidden away. The newest addition is the beautiful soft pink Bisley five drawer storage. I haven’t totally settled on where this is going to sit so at the moment it’s part of the overall storage wall, where I do think it works well but maybe just not *quite* in the right spot. So this is likely to move, but I absolutely LOVE it. Have you ever seen as pretty an option for ‘formal’ seeming desk storage? So handy for things like stashing expenses receipts and press releases for products I’m due to test. Both pink shade called ‘Rosa’ shown here and a duck egg blue similar to my Roberts Radio are exclusive to John Lewis (£51.99).


ALL the storage

Pretty much all of the furniture in the office is from Ikea. It wasn’t intentionally that way, but it just works. Mostly variations on the Alex storage options. I have two nine drawer units – one of which is all skincare products, sorted by type (i.e. eye products, cleansers, moisturisers, serums etc) and another is make-up sorted in the same way (a drawer for foundation, one for eye products etc). I’m considering doing a full office tour where I look at how I store things within the drawers and boxes – possibly on You Tube – so let me know if that is of interest. Then there are the smaller metal drawers which is where the make-up stash is – meaning the products I’ve bought or been sent that are keepers. This is pretty packed so needs regular sorting as basically have a one in one out policy being enforced.  I do however plan to cut this down further and potentially get rid of those drawers in future. This has the card and gold spot magazine file on top and the phone. The magazine file basically only holds the white paper for the adjacent printer.

Alongside that I have the white filing cabinet (under the printer) – this is ok, but was a fairly cheap purchase via Amazon. It serves it’s purpose of holding all sort of adult paperwork that we have from mortgages to pet insurance… yes, the moment I bought a filing cabinet to hold actual serious documents was the moment I felt like a proper adult.

Then we have the smaller Alex drawers with the Bisley storage and my beloved Roberts radio sitting on top. The radio you can mostly found tuned into Kisstory if you’re wondering… LOVE that there’s now a whole digital channel dedicated to my favourite hour of radio.

The other wall has one of those typical square storage shelves from Ikea. This isn one we’ve had for years – which is why this isn’t white to ‘match’. I actually quite like how it doesn’t match as feel it ties the wooden desk and the wooden legs on the sofa together. I got a couple of the drawer units that I customised with different knobs (from H&M home) and filled with white boxes in different styles. These are sort of organised chaos… but I’ll save the story on those for an office tour video I think.


Decorative Bits

On top of the drawers there are a few decorative items. The fabulous The Luxe Life by my friend Fleur De Force alongside the gorgeous marble and gold magazine file that I picked up from one of my favourite places to shop for home stuff – Homesense. The little white bowl with gold dots and the sunshine mirror are from H&M home. The flowers (fake) are from Sainsburys and the boxes from Stradivarius. I think Stradivarius is a hidden gem for home bits and ‘blogger background’ items by the way. Cheap as chips.

The gold ‘Hello’  is from my favourite store if I had all the money – West Elm. I don’t know where the gold ball thing is from as was a gift, but makes for a nice decoration.

On the wall we have my absolute favourite ‘Popsicles’ print from by the artist Lindsay Megahed – if you’re looking to add some art/colour to your walls you HAVE to have a browse. They have the nicest stuff. You might have previously seen the trio of prints we have in our living room from there (you can see them here) but this is the print I fell in love with first from there and I love it. It’s my ideal combination of colours and it just brightens the room up from being too white/grey/pastel. My only regret with this print is that I didn’t go for it in a larger size as would loved to have had it sitting over the sofa but this size with the mini sofa just didn’t fit without looking a bit odd. But it fits perfectly. there. But this print, in the whitewashed herringbone frame is probably one of my favourite things around the office.

Desenio Prints

Speaking of Prints, I have a few others dotted around the room that I really like too. Continuing the white and gold theme that pops up throughout. The other prints hung on the walls are all from Desenio. I might do a standalone post on these but I selected a few in a mix of white and gold frames (also available from Desenio – which makes the combination of print plus frame easy) to make sure it wasn’t all too flat. I have the trio of beauty themed prints sitting over my desk then the gold ampersand and bright pink flamingo on another wall. I like how the flamingo brings the same sort of brighter pink as the Minted Popsicles piece.

If you’re interested in similar prints and frames then take a look as Desenio – they’re great value as all prints and frames from there shown in my office were under £80. A huge range of scandanavian or Pinterest cool type options.

Etsy Finds

The only print not included in the info above is my other little splash of colour that’s from the wonderful Etsy. My Hakuna Matata print was just £8 and you can find it here. I challenge you to look at it without starting to hum the song in your head…

Speaking of Etsy – I have a few lovely bits I picked out from there recently. Most of them dog related so I’ll bribe Monty & Willow to pose for photos on those soon. But one thing that I chose initially with intentions of it being for the dogs toys in the office but liked it so much I’ve ended up using it myself is the colourful wooden box on the windowsill. Withe the grey/white/mint colour combination – I use this to store products I’ve taken photos of or blogged about that need to be stored away or passed on to my charity pile. Love this and how you can customise it to whatever colours from the options you choose. You can find that one here (£23).


Finally, about the desk space. The wall light over the desk is from John Lewis and matches a strip of ceiling lights that is white and gold too. I really like these – shout out to my brother-in-law Matt for fitting these for me! The desk is the very simple Hilver table and leg combination. I used to have a white Ikeas desk combo but decided I wanted to add a touch more wood to keep it feeling warm and welcoming and not too clinical.

The goal is the keep the desk neat and tidy. So I have a couple of trays for bits and bobs – one of those marble H&M ones that has my favourite candle and some of my beauty bits you can read about in more detail HERE. Then I have the turquoise glitter notebook I use as a mousepad. The marble and gold pencil (and nail stuff) holder that matches the magazine file before (and an ‘inbox’ type document tray that’s on my low ALEX unit). In there I have some pencils that are pretty but mainly for decoration… in another section are my mobile phone charger units so I can always have one charged and ready. Then I have my nail/beauty bits.

The white and gold lamp is another Ikea purchase. The chair is also from Ikea, with one of their little sheepskin rugs over it – although this is the last item I have yet to replace as I plan to get myself a turquoise desk chair from Cult Furniture (probably like the one shown here) which EXCITINGLY I’ve just spotted is on sale! WOO! Now just to decide between the different turquoise desk chair options

PHEW. That’s it – that’s a pretty thorough tour of my newly redecorated office space. If there’s any details I missed just let me know and I’ll update. Blogger office makeover pretty much complete… now just to tackle the rest of the house! Let me know what you think of it and if there’s anything you want to see more of – I’d love to hear your comments!

Items with a * PR sample or gift.



  1. Jessica
    September 22, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    One day I will have an office as cute as this. Until that day I will just have to put up with a cluttered desk and blu tac stains.

    The Crown Wings

    • Jen
      September 22, 2016 / 9:46 pm

      If it’s any help my office has gone through many a version to get to here… From my boffice (I.e. Laptop on bed) to cluttered micro desk in amongst spare room… To this!

    • Jen
      September 23, 2016 / 3:05 pm

      Not going to lie, it was a big reason behind moving – more office space needed!

  2. September 23, 2016 / 10:42 pm

    Beeeeeautiful! xo

    • Jen
      September 24, 2016 / 4:25 am

      Thank you!

  3. September 25, 2016 / 4:35 pm

    Such a gret work area!!

    • Jen
      October 11, 2016 / 1:19 pm

      Thank you! So happy with the space – really is my favourite room in the house now! But has given me the itch to decorate the whole place!

  4. November 7, 2016 / 10:46 am

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