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So I’m in the midst of redecorating my office. It’s a fun process, even if it means the house is in a state of chaos in the meantime. But whilst I’m on the way to getting to the sharing of before/after type blog post I thought I’d share a little mood board/inspiration post. Plus sharing a few of the new items I’m looking to pick up as part of the make-over process.


I wanted to share a few of my favourite images from Pinterest that I’m using for inspiration along with some items I’ve picked out on my shopping list for finishing touches.

SO, Pinterest. My interior design faithful friend. Eternal source of home-envy and inspiration. This is where I’ve been turning for a few key ideas. The basics of the office are that there will be a wooden floor, with a slight white-wash to it. Then the walls are bright white. Lights, I’m switching from some old fashioned ones for white and brass/gold spotlights. There’s a few details I’m not 100% on yet but will talk about those in a moment. As a starting point, have a little scroll of the ideas below that form my Pinterest board around my office. Feel free to follow if you like for some more pinterest fun and games. One of my favourite places to spend time online right now.

[pin_board url=”” size=”custom” image_width=”180″ board_width=”700″ board_height=”340″]

So the key details of the office design ‘brief’ are:

  • Bright and airy
  • Splashes of colour
  • Comfortable and practical to work in (it can’t *just* be pretty, have to be able to actually work there too)
  • A inspiring place

So with those in mind there are a few definite ‘keepers’ from the office as it is, and a few things I need to splash out on. Plus of course the all important finishing touches.

The keepers. My desk – it’s big and fits in perfectly with the dimensions of the room. There are two small windows on one side of and then french doors on another wall. Plus two walls with single doors. My long length (basically size for two people to sit at the desk) surface fits between the smaller windows perfectly and allows for one side to be used for computer and the other as more of a photo surface space. My only dilemma with the desk is that I’m tempted to go back to a wooden topped desk as I don’t love having a white desk surface all the time (I have other white surfaces I can use for photos so not vital for this). Another keeper – my sofa. I love this little sofa, it’s the perfect size and adds an immediate pop of fun colour into the room. It’s my favourite colour and works perfectly as a You Tube filming set up (whenever I get around to getting back on that…). It also is really nice to have an alternative space to sit if I just feel like moving around the room a bit or using it as a coloured background spot. It also seems to go down very well with the dogs…

The all important storage space. I have a couple of Ikea favourite options that are my storage space solutions to try and keep the beauty products in an organised system split between the ‘to try’ lot and the ‘stash’ of keepers. I have a mix of the Kallax, Alex Drawers (the tall ones) and the Helmer unit. Plus a set of more vintage style drawers from Urban Outfitters. More than happy to do a full office tour when it’s up and ready again. But right now I need to make a decision. I absolutely love the Urban Outfitters unit. But wonder if maybe it doesn’t fit with the other more paired back/modern Ikea bits. So I’m torn between moving that to another room in the house and making room for some alternative options (likely – more Ikea) or if it’s nicer to have those more unique touches as part of the room overall.

Office Decoration

The Office Decoration Wishlist:

  1. White & brass spotlights – for the ceiling and wall. From John Lewis (£80 – large, £30 – single)
  2. Mint Desk Chair – (£189)
  3. Gold desk/storage accessories – H&M home (£1.99-£19.99)
  4. Ikea Hilver Desk – Ikea (£85)
  5. Colourful artwork – By the artist Lindsay Megahed via (from $21 – currently free delivery with the code SHIPFREE)
  6. Dalmatian print plate – H&M home (£6.99)
  7. Gold sun mirror – H&M home (£24.99)
  8. Mint spotlight desk lamp – (£38.70)
  9. Dalmatian print cushion – H&M home (£24.99)

I’ve wanted to do this office redecoration project since we moved house, so now with it being just a week or so away from completion I am SO excited to get it all done. I can’t wait to set up the space and get working away in there!



  1. July 27, 2016 / 11:07 pm

    Just what I need, I love the Pinterest image shared, would consider something similar to the one in the middle…Good Luck in your set up look forward to seeing it .. Thanks for sharing.

  2. July 31, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    Awesome ideas you have here! I definitely need to keep these in mind for inspiration to decorate my new office space.

    Hopefully, this will be a fun process, not a stressful one. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your before/after type blog post!

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