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It’s the final review (sung to ‘It’s the final countdown’) of the Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman Trial. You can read the intro post back HERE for a little information on the supplements themselves and what they promise to help deliver. Of course the thing with any sort of supplement type of trial is that it will depend on how you life your life around it. So if you eat nothing but takeaways and drink diet coke (sometimes guilty…) then you can’t expect a supplement to deliver perfect skin or weight loss or something else equally unrealistic. Taking something like a supplement is a little like the cherry on top for an overall lifestyle.




For me taking these two tablets daily somehow felt a little more ‘intense’ than supplements I have tried in the past. I’ve often taken multivitamins or other tablet based supplements, but always in just the tablet form. I’ve not really taken many where they’re capsules. So the combination of a capsule and a tablet felt a bit like going down the route of needing one of those pill boxes to sort all my medication out. Not in a bad way by any means, but one of those ‘this is a really grown up thing to be doing’ sort of feelings.


I’ve been pretty good at taking the tablets regularly – not perfect, as any human can probably admit. I was always best on days when I have been working from home. If I’ve had to go out and about and haven’t started the day with my normal routine of checking emails at my desk with a pint of water and popping the pills – occasionally I’ve been guilty of forgetting. But I do think that’s normal and would definitely say 5/6 days of the week I’ve been taking these since mid December. So not a bad run to be giving you my verdict so far.

In terms of results, taking supplements is such a hard thing to really measure. But as a reminder, the important ingredients of the supplements are:

– Zinc for skin & nails

– Biotin for hair

– Magnesium for energy (something many women are typically low in)

– DHA to help the brain (DHA contributes to normal brain function)

– Vitamin B12 for Vision

– EPA & DHA for the heart

– Vitamin B6 to help regulate hormonal activity 

Now, the two things I would say I have definitely noticed are energy and nails. My nails seem to have been growing at a crazy rate – something I usually tend to notice when on holiday in a sunny place (anyone else notice their nails seem to grow faster in sunny climates?). Then in terms of energy I don’t feel like I have that afternoon dip quite as much as I usually do. Plus I don’t feel like I’m taking as long to get up to speed in the mornings – I just seem to sit down at my desk and get to it. No bad thing at all! Especially when I’m not someone who tends to rely on coffee at that part of the day.

The three things I was specifically looking for when it comes to the supplement trial were:

My eyes – they tend to be a bit bloodshot so will see if this changes/improves at all.

Skin – Very dehydrated, can I see any improvement.

Energy levels – Do I get out of bed without snoozing 15 times or can I go a whole afternoon without an emergency Diet Coke.

On the eyes front, I haven’t really seen much of an improvement I don’t think. But it would be very hard to put this down to a supplement alone – in all honesty I probably just need to wear my glasses when working on a screen (which would be always) so this is very much down to me I think. My skin, my skin is actually feeling pretty good right now – I have been really focussing on this all around, so I have the supplements from the inside out, increasing water intake AND a regular and consistent skincare routine. So I am happy with how this is feeling for the end of the month.

Energy levels is definitely the one I’ve seen the biggest change in. Sure, maybe it’s just a New Year burst of motivation or the fact I’m sleeping better thanks to a new bed. But all in all – these have definitely perked up.

The trial is technically over now, but there’s a very large part of me who wants to keep taking these going forward to see if I can continue to maintain the energy levels and even see ongoing improvement. There’s just something about the duo supplement that appeals to me – it somehow subconsciously makes me feel it’s more effective for some reason?!

Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman available from Boots

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