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So it’s New Years Eve, which is basically the last blow out before the virtuous New Years Resolutions all kick in tomorrow (ok, maybe the 2nd… once the hangover has shifted). One of mine for 2015 is the typical ‘health overhaul’ type one. Including the usual – drink more water, exercise more, eat more veg etc. Plus this year I’m throwing these Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman into the mix too. I’ve just started taking these so will be reporting back at the end of Jan about how I’m getting on with them. But a little information to kick things off.


First things first, you will notice there are two types of tablet in there. One liquid capsule, and another solid tablet. Creating a ‘duo’ of supplements with a whole host of benefits designed to suits the specific needs of women. The ingredients/benefits include:

– Zinc for skin & nails

– Biotin for hair

– Magnesium for energy (something many women are typically low in)

– DHA to help the brain (DHA contributes to normal brain function)

– Vitamin B12 for Vision

– EPA & DHA for the heart

– Vitamin B6 to help regulate hormonal activity 

I for one am hoping to feel a bit of a boost in energy – especially in the typically low-ebb of January. Plus I’d like to see my skin perk up post-January, I’m also trialling a skincare routine too so no doubt the combo will work wonders (fingers crossed at least) but it’s seriously dehydrated right now so hoping it gets better in Jan when I replace glasses of fizz with water again.

The thing about this duo that really appeals to me is that it tackles so many things in one (or two…) rather than needing to turn to different supplements for different needs. I think the ideal being that you start taking them and see the benefits but stick with it -rather than dipping in and out of different ones as and when needs arise. Then you will tend to get more noticeable benefits as you’re taking them as a long term lifestyle routine rather than an ad-hoc problem-solution. So rather than feeling tired = heading to get a Magnesium supplement, taking it for a couple of weeks then moving on. Then having a dip again and so on – with one that does all, you hope to see the longer term effects and keep them up.

I for one am a fan of supplements as an add-on to whatever I’m doing beauty wise. I have taken different ones in the past, some of which I’ve been impressed with others have just been a bit ‘meh’. I don’t tend to expect miracles with things like this, just a general and gradual boost over time. But sometimes that’s the best result possible. Long term and sustainable rather than immediate but short lived.

For me the main things I’ll be looking at to ‘judge’ how well these are working:

My eyes – they tend to be a bit bloodshot so will see if this changes/improves at all

Skin – Very dehydrated, can I see any improvement

Energy levels – Do I get out of bed without snoozing 15 times or can I go a whole afternoon without an emergency Diet Coke

As you can tell, all seriously technical measures. Have you ever added supplements into your routine – let me know if there’s anything you’re keen to know about these or for me to check out at all ahead of the review in the  New Year when I’ve been taking them for a bit longer.

FYI – there is also a male one if that’s of interest!

Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman available from Boots

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