Best of 2014: A Beauty Junkie in London

the best of 2014Ok, so this may very well be totally self indulgent OR it might just be sensible content-reviewing….either way. I’ve taken a bit of a peak back over the content this year to see what was the ‘top’ content for each month…

January 2014: Urban Decay Lipglosses -Love these lipglosses, the minty flavour and the sheer but flattering colours. The shade Streak turned out to be my favourite of the bunch FYI…

February 2014: Tanya Burr Lipgloss & Nail Collection – Hardly surprising that this was the top one of Feb! Tanya’s launch was probably my top post of the year (basically the most popular almost every month since) what can I say, Tanya is one popular lady! The collection was certainly an exciting one as it was the first of the blogger launches of the year so got some well deserved buzz.

March 2014: YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush – LOVED these, although interestingly haven’t reached for them since the Summer months so perhaps they’re more seasonal than I first thought. But love how interesting a texture these are and how light they feel to wear.

April 2014: Garnier Ultimate Blends Review – Really interesting to look back and see that this was a top post for April. It was an interesting launch as know it’s been a while since the original Garnier Fructis launch. Whilst I did like this range on first try, honestly it’s not one I’ve felt an urge to go back to using. But can see how it totally appeals to a family where you perhaps have lots of peoples heads to cater for!

May 2014: No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serums – A launch which probably anticipated big things following on from the hysteria of the first Protect & Perfect launch. Truly there probably wasn’t going to be the same sort of stampede to buy as first time around (has this ever happened for a second launch? Maybe the Naked 2 palette…) but a very exciting one all the same. Personally I loved the Protect & Protect Intense Advanced Serum and used to the last drop before I moved on to trying something else. But would definitely re-purchase. For dehydrated skin it’s a total winner, even if you’re not in that ‘age bracket’ yet.

June 2014: Rimmel Mositure Renew Lipstick (from 2013!) – Interestingly the post that was most popular in June was actually one published in 2013! But still, interesting all the same. This one and the Urban Decay lipgloss post in Jan show me that collection posts go down a treat where you can see all the shades side by side. Time consuming to do as a blogger, but totally pay off in terms of how you feel when you finish them and the feedback you get! More of these in 2015 perhaps?!

July 2014: Blogging Fatigue  – A sign of how I was feeling at the time I think. It was a very hectic time of year between birthdays, hen parties, festivals, weddings and wedding planning… all lovely stuff. But meant the blog took a bit of a dip as my energy was elsewhere. I loved writing this post as felt a bit like therapy. I actually really enjoy that sort of more personal post from time to time. I don’t always find it totally natural to share all of my life online, but then find being honest and open like that really lifts a weight.

August 2014: Urban Decay Bridal Look – Fitting as this was the month I got married! Although the post itself wasn’t actually my bridal look. It was actually my gorgeous friend Laura who got married back in July. I loved the look they created on her – totally glowing and gorgeous and me and my friend Kate did our very best to recreate it using some of the best of Urban Decay on her big day.

September 2014: Five Blogging Pressures To Ignore – Felt a bit like a follow on from July. But post wedding and honeymoon I had a bit of contemplative time (I’m a beauty blogger…stuff got deep) and I came up with a few thoughts on the pressures of blogging that aren’t worth wasting your energy or time on. A pretty popular post that I was happy to put out there as got lovely feedback!

October 2014: Boots No7 Advent Calendar – Have to say, this is the best beauty advent calendar from 2014 hands down. So if you got your hands on one – well done! If not, make it your mission next year. A bargain and each door has a great little beauty treat behind it (from make-up, to nails, brushes, skincare and body). A great value calendar and less disappointing that when you open your beauty calendar and find paper clips…

November 2014: Glossy Box Harvey Nichols Box – I had a feeling this one would be in there. An amazing special edition beauty box collaboration from Glossy Box and Harvey Nichols. It had a few ‘magic’ products that basically make it instantly lust worthy – NARS, OPI and a candle. Combine this trio and I’m sold…not to mention the other bits like full sized hair products and more. SO many amazing products, no surprise this was a sell out. Interested to see what comes from GlossyBox in 2015.

December 2014 (so far…): Pixi Glow Tonic Review: I finally got around to picking up a bottle of this and giving it a review. My findings were a little mixed – it’s a great product for sure. But I did find the scent a little more floral than I’m used to/like. Have you tried it and what are your thoughts? Worth the hype or not so much?!

Finally, thank you for an amazing year and for sticking with me through things like the Blogging Fatigue phase and answering questions for me to help me (hopefully) improve the blog and keep it going from strength to strength. Really appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read (or look at pictures…) on this blog.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and have an amazing 2015 ahead of you!



  1. December 31, 2014 / 10:14 am

    I am really intrigued by this pixi tonic

  2. Zoey
    December 31, 2014 / 11:36 am

    I absolutely loved this post. So interesting! Please do another one next year.

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