Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss

Urban Decay Naked is a trio of words that instills excitement in pretty much any beauty-lover out there. So how’s this for exciting, Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss*… interested?! The lure of the Naked (not in a pervy way) knows no limits and now extends beyond every nude eyeshadow shade you can imagine to lipgloss. These are the Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss shades (seven of the range of nine) and just look at that packaging. How gorgeous is that? The rose-gold with the cut-out Naked – gorgeous. But what are the shades like? On the first look, they look pretty, quite varied and with a mix of creamy and shimmering options.

I find that on the lip, as with a lot of glosses – they are quite sheer – so sometimes the differences between the shades are quite subtle. But I still have a definite favourite of the bunch. Read on below for swatches and ‘on lip’ shots.

urban decay naked lipgloss

Urban Decay Naked Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Swatches

L-R: Beso, Freestyle, Naked, Liar, Streak, Lovechild, Walk of Shame

urban decay naked lipgloss swatches

So the shades when swatched on the arm look pretty different, but on the lip – the natural lip tone has an impact in making them look more sheer. But there is a definite difference between them – especially where the shimmer ones come into play a bit more, as the sheen sets them apart (Freestyle with it’s golden shimmer looks much prettier on the lips than it does in the tube for example). My personal favourite it Streak – the coral-pink, creamy shade – as I like this in the tube, on the hand and on the lips. When worn it looks like a ‘my lips but better’ type of gloss, with a night brightening effect thanks to the shade. All very natural looking, as you would expect.

Texture wise, they are pretty typical of gloss – not sticky as such, but you probably wouldn’t wear outside on a windy day (unless you like the idea of hair lips…each to their own). It has a bit of a minty tingle to the gloss and definitely has a bit of that hydrating/plumping effect in there – that’s probably my favourite thing about the texture – that they really do make lips look and feel more perfected, instantly. According to the press release the formula contains ‘Hyaluronic filling spheres’, vitamin E, avocado oil, rosehip oil and shea butter – explaining the hydrating feel of the glosses.

I guess at the end of the day it depends if you’re a lipgloss person or a lipstick person as to wether you will love these or not as that’s the main divider. I for one, really like them but am not *really* a lipgloss person – although I’m going to try to be for Streak! From the whole Naked family I still would love to see them have a proper go at a blusher palette to rival the Naked eyeshadow palettes. I know they gave it a go with the Flushed cheek trio, but I think there’s far more potential there for a selection of pretty blush shades under the UD Naked name.

Urban Decay is available at Debenhams (£14)



  1. Georgia
    January 21, 2014 / 9:12 am

    I really feel like this is a whole lot of nothing! They’re too similar to be a collection. I feel like TT hey should stick to eye shadow palettes!

  2. Nia
    January 21, 2014 / 9:50 am

    This collection looks super nice – ‘Walk of Shame’ and ‘Freestyle’ especially, but just looking at the color in the tube I wouldn’t have picked ‘Freestyle’ up – shows how important swatches are!!

  3. January 21, 2014 / 10:23 am

    I can’t see much of a difference between many of these but then that’s always true of glosses I think and I prefer just a hint of a colour sometimes as lots of pigmentation and a gloss as well can sometimes be a bit much x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    • Jen
      January 21, 2014 / 3:46 pm

      Very true. It’s funny how on the arm they do look different but on the lips it’s a different story!

  4. melissa
    January 21, 2014 / 11:49 am

    is it me or do all the colours look all the same ??
    The Inked Blonde

    • Jen
      January 21, 2014 / 3:43 pm

      They are quite sheer so differences are subtle. Might look more dramatically different on paler lips perhaps? But on the arm they do look different!

  5. January 21, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    Freestyle definitely looks better on the lips – love it! And I think I’d pick either Streak or Orchid as my favourite, but I’m not particularly a lip gloss person either!


  6. January 21, 2014 / 3:04 pm

    I love how the shades look in the packaging, on the lips a lot of them look very similar, but that could be a good thing because I don’t think I’d be tempted to pick up more than 1 – very good for my bank balance 😉

  7. Rikki Poynter
    January 21, 2014 / 6:30 pm

    The glosses are just mind boggling to me. Pretty much the shame shade on the lips and for $20? I’ll pass.

  8. January 21, 2014 / 6:56 pm

    I can’t WAIT to get my hands on these- my ‘Lovechild’ Super Saturated lip crayon is my pride and joy, so I’m super excited to get the gloss too! Love the look of ‘Freestyle’ too!

    Great review 🙂


  9. Anthea Lau
    January 21, 2014 / 11:13 pm

    love how natural these shades look, they are indeed very versatile and you can apply them to different make up looks!

    Check out my latest post featuring &OtherStories 🙂
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  10. January 22, 2014 / 2:46 pm

    Liar & Streak looks good! Hopefully the stand in Singapore has them!

    Thanks for reviewing them! 🙂

    Faizah xx

  11. January 24, 2014 / 3:28 pm

    Oddly enough, they all look the same on the lips. I don’t think I’ll be buying any of these.

  12. January 25, 2014 / 6:49 pm

    The packaging is absolutely stunning, such a shame they’re not overly pigmented x

  13. Anna
    March 31, 2014 / 8:39 am

    what about general perfume part? do they have any special scent? (i hate all these vanilla, candy and other bla bla)

    • Jen
      March 31, 2014 / 12:51 pm

      There’s no strong scent to be honest, maybe very subtle mint but might be imagining that?!

      • Anna
        March 31, 2014 / 1:57 pm

        thats great, at least no vanilla and candy scent

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