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Ok, so at the risk of turning into a total bridal bore.. we have another wedding related post! But in my defence, this isn’t really about me, this is about my gorgeous friend Laura who got married a few weeks ago (one of the best days ever – such an amazing wedding). But prior to that I arranged to take her to the Urban Decay counter in House of Fraser for a bridal consultation. What is the biggest thing for Laura is that she doesn’t wear a lot of make-up day to day – so didn’t want to go down the fairly typical bridal route of wearing much heavier make-up than you usually do on the day for the sake of photos. She wanted to look and feel like herself on the day  – which meant foundation wasn’t on the cards and the make-up needed to be light and natural looking.

I’ll be honest and say that for some reason Urban Decay wasn’t the first brand I think of when I think bridal make-up, which is frankly just silly when you think of the whole Naked franchise. But I guess my initial thinking for Urban Decay are the brighter/darker shades and the rainbow shade palettes – almost like I think of the Naked range as totally separate to the rest of the brand! But I do indeed stand fully corrected – you only need to look at the Naked palettes to realise how perfectly bridal suitable they are and how integral they are to the Urban Decay Bridal Look.

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Starting with the base, the MUA used the Naked foundation to create a natural looking dewy look – that would also last and look good in photos. This was probably the bit I was most nervy about, knowing how Laura isn’t a foundation wearer – I didn’t want this to be the bit that might come down to make or break for the look. But she was pleasantly surprised – it didn’t feel or look heavy at all and just gave that bit of a perfecting feel to the skin. To be honest, the lucky girl doesn’t need much as has basically perfect skin to start with. Not that I’m jealous at all…

For the eyes we opted to use the Urban Decay Naked Three Palette – as the warm, pinky tones suited her skintone and also worked perfectly with the overall wedding theme of navy and blush pink (in the bouquets). Using a combination of the lighter shade of Strange as a base (after the eyeshadow primer potion of course), a touch of Dust as a highlight across the lid. Then Nooner as a crease colour – using a matte shade to keep it natural and defined rather than dramatic. Then a touch of Mugshot along the lash line to add a light bit of definition at the base of the lashes.
IMG_1005 IMG_1035


On the cheeks it has to be the Naked cheek palette – with a clever little contouring trick (that I can never quite manage to get just right) – of using a shadow blending brush, with sucked in cheeks to basically apply a ‘line’ of the bronzer shade along the base of the cheek bones and then blend, blend, blend. To create a natural looking shadow in just the right spot. Adding a touch of the 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner (in case of happy tears…!) and the eyes and cheeks are done. Nicely natural, but perfectly glowy-bridal too.

IMG_1048 IMG_1079


The finishing touch is the lips – again, another thing Laura doesn’t usually wear anything more than a tinted balm or similar so wanted a natural look. She also has fairly pigmented lips herself, so only needed a touch of something rosey and warm to create a natrual ‘my lips but better’ type of look. Opting for the Urban Decay Super Saturaded Lip Crayon in the shade ‘Naked’ – a natural rose shade choice. The crayon is perfect for wedding make-up as it’s glossy, but creamy, pigmented but still easy to apply thanks to the crayon style of the pencil.

IMG_1088 IMG_1107


Between me and another friend we did Laura’s make-up for her and without bigging ourselves up – she looked stunning. To be fair and I’m sure you will agree – she is naturally gorgeous so the make-up was too easy!  The on counter appointment was so valuable in preparing for the day too – picking up so many handy tips and helping to select the colours and look in advance made the day itself so much easier. The key products from the session we opted to use were the Naked Palette (although ended up using two instead of three), the Naked Cheek Palette, the amazing Urban Decay Primer Potion (don’t apply shadow without it) – all of which are total Urban Decay Bridal Look essentials. I know Laura was really happy with this look and it was the perfect blend of inspiration and learning ahead of the big day!

Now just need to work out what the heck I’m doing with my own make-up for my day… I have a few ideas in mind!

Urban Decay is available from Debenhams



  1. August 10, 2014 / 1:54 pm

    Your friend is really stunning!
    The Naked series is almost made for brides!

    • Jen
      August 11, 2014 / 8:33 am

      She’s a beaut isn’t she?! Naked palettes are so perfect for weddings, totally agree!

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