Sunday ramble 2016 3

How was your past week? I’ve had a lovely week – it’s been filled with some lovely things – an amazing dinner at the Shangri La in the Shard with Vichy to hear all about their latest launch. I’ve been trying it since and will let you know my thoughts this week! I had my hair done that has been just the refresh I needed – you can see the new ‘do here if you like! I also had a fabulous evening checking out some beautiful new Guerlain products – along with some of the ultimate classics from the brand too. And of course the newness from Clinique that I went to check out.


New year… new look

Firstly, a little shout out to the awesome Zoe who re-launched her blog today after an awesome re-design. It’s pretty much impossible to create a blog design that truly has some unique features and she’s done it. So make sure you go check it out and let her know what you think of it:

Speaking of redesigns… you may or may not have noticed I’ve given my blog a little face lift recently. Including a new header and a new overall design. I’m pretty proud of it, as it’s something I did myself rather than pay a designer. No mean feat considering I’m basically clueless with design and before Christmas had zero photoshop experience – but a few online tutorials and a few tips from friends who do know what they’re doing and I have a new look for the blog. With the only catch being that: One – the loading time isn’t great, so still need to make a few tweaks to sort that. Two – I’m not 100% sure if I’m totally satisfied with the design overall so it may not stick. Which is sort of why I haven’t ‘announced’ it… but just a little mention of it for those of you who are reading this!


This past week I’ve been having a dabble in the world of snapchat. As much as I’m a social media geek, I’ve never gotten on board with the whole snapchat thing. I guess I’ve never seen the appeal and sometimes I do think there are far too many different channels out there that sometimes I just go ‘what more can we possibly share on the internet’!? But, curiosity does win out and I had to have a play. I think I like it, but do wonder what I possible have to bring to the party on there. Basically just slightly less pretty snapshots of my day than you would see on Instagram or twitter… plus the odd video here and there. What sort of stuff do you like to see on snapchat?

No big profound thoughts this week, just a little summary of the week just gone and a few random thoughts to share! Fun week ahead – I’m doing something exciting on Thursday that I’ll be sharing some more information about shortly!

This week I have been mostly ….

Listening to: Radio One – I switched up my usual Kiss FM for a change this week. Really like Grimmy in the morning.

Eating: Deliciously Ella’s Warm Winter Salad – as cooked by one of my favourite people Laura Robson.

Wearing: My new ‘Happy’ jumper from Sainsbury’s of all places (as seen on my Instagram here)

Doing: Taking photos – I’ve been on a real photography mission for the blog this week so lots of beauty bits and bobs coming this week.

Mission for next week…  Go to the gym every other day. No excuses. Honest.



  1. Chloe
    January 26, 2016 / 12:28 pm

    so cute dog! 🙂

  2. January 26, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Ooh that is the cutest little dog! x

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