Hello Kitty OPI collection

I’m a pretty girly girl in almost every way. Makeup obsession? Check. More shoes than could ever be necessary? Check. The list is endless. The one area of ‘typical’ girly-ness that I don’t tick the box for is an obsession with Pink. Especially pink nails. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never loved pink nail colours. However, I spotted one of these new Hello Kitty OPI collection shades on Instagram and it immediately caught my eye. So, in all its pink and girly goodness. Let’s take a little look.

Hello Kitty OPI

The shades we have here are (from left to right): Let’s Be Friends, Look At My Bow, Spoken From The Heart, 5 Apples Tall, Charmmy & Sugar, and Super Cute In Pink.

It was Super Cute In Pink that was the first to get my attention. It’s got that sort of Essie ‘Splash Of Grenadine’ feel to it where it’s not quite pink, not quite purple. It’s a lovely colour – the formula of this one is quite sheer though. So more of a jelly than a cream – unless you have the patience to do three to four coats to get full coverage.

Hello Kitty OPI

A little run down of each of the shades here. Let’s Be Friends – a milky pale pink. Look At My Bow – a cool baby pink. Spoken from the Heart – Bright reddy pink. 5 Apples Tall – Bright Pillar Box Red, almost neon. Charmy & Sugar – Pinky silvery glitter. Super Cute in Pink – a bright pinky purple.

Hello Kitty OPI

Hello Kitty OPI

Hello Kitty OPI

As for application. As you would probably expect, the paler shades are more sheer/need a little more work. Plus the Super Cute in Pink shade as I mentioned above – is more of a sheer jelly than a cream. The on the nail swatch is three coats, on the nail wheel it’s two.

The two brighter/red shades apply gorgeously. Especially the 5 Apples Tall – it’s SO bright. If you want a proper stand-out read shade then you need this one in your life. It’s almost like a neon version of red.

Hello Kitty OPI Super Cute In Pink

The Hello Kitty packaging is simply a plastic wrap around the typical bottle. not a white lid with printed Hello Kitty faces. It would have been nice to see that the lids were ‘really’ white with the print, but it’s not that big a deal. It is a cute touch and I’m sure any Hello Kittle collector will go a little nuts for this collection.

Beyond the pinks/reds there are also a couple of other stand out shades – a bright blue, a yellow and a black. But overall it really is a pink lovers dream collection. It probably hasn’t quite swayed me to be a full on pink girly girl but I do really like the Super Cute in Pink shade… so maybe this no-pink-nails thing might change?!

Hello Kitty OPI Collection * out now: nailpolishdirect.co.uk (£9.95)

*PR sample or gift



  1. January 13, 2016 / 2:52 pm

    I can’t believe OPI did Hello Kitty collection

    I love 5 Apples Tall and Super Cute in Pink these two.
    Can be very nice colour for winter even spring


  2. Christine
    January 23, 2016 / 11:45 am


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