Revlon Mascara Collection

So apparently it’s not just us blogger types that have been getting all contemplative and wanting a total refresh and make-over for the New Year. Apparently Revlon have been busying themselves away behind the scenes to create a whole new mascara wardrobe. Not just content with a launch of one new mascara, but they’re completely refreshing the whole mascara offering from the brand – scrapping all the mascaras in the range as they know it and releasing this Revlon Mascara Collection – a ‘wardrobe’ of mascaras that should tick every box of your lash-needs.

New Revlon Mascara Collection

I’ve always really liked the Revlon Mascara offering so far, but can totally see why they want to give them a refresh. I think mascara is one of those essentials that creates a ‘halo’ effect for a brand – if they have a good mascara (much like foundation) then automatically you will be interested/have some faith in the rest of the range. So having a good mascara is pretty vital to the whole brand. I previously liked the grow luscious Revlon mascara, but as that will no longer be I thought I’d give the full wardrobe a try to see how they each perform. So first up we have the bare lashes (ignore messy/invisible brows please – rest of my face was make-up free).

So there we have the bare lashes – and a little look at the mascara range from the new Revlon Mascara Collection. We have the blue – Volume + Length, Green – Super Length, Red – Ultimate All in One, Purple – Dramatic Definition, Pink – Ultra Volume.

I’ve shown each of the wands below and the lashes with mascara applied (top and bottom lashes).

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara

Blackest black – waterproof

On first application I wasn’t wowed, but then it grew on me. Took a few coats to get every lash covered and as you can see the bottom lashes effect is pretty subtle. Main thing that impresses me on this one is how black it is. Creates quite a natural but full effect. Good all rounder.

Best for: Those who prefer a ‘fluffy’ brush over a comb style wand – but don’t want one that’s too massive.

Revlon Super Length Mascara

Blackest black – waterproof

Another fluffy brush style, but with ‘neater’ bristles. It seems to make the lashes neater too as it sort of pulls them into a line so they look a little straighter and more in line. The bottom lash effect is a little stronger than the previous example too.

Best for: If you tend to have lashes that point in all sorts of directions and want to reign them in a bit.

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara

Blackest black – normal

This is the one I was most intimidated by. I tend to opt for fluffy brushes over combs most of the time and when I saw this it almost looked like some of the brush has fallen off in the tube. But nope – this little wand is it and you know what – it does the trick. This mascara is impressive. Creates a bit of drama on both top and bottom lashes without looking like I have drag queen falsies on.

Best for: Indecisive types who can’t decide what they want from a mascara as this give you a bit of everything.

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

Blackest black – waterproof

More of a comb type wand with short spiky bristles but quite a lot of them so helps break up the formula so it’s not too liquid – which can happen if the brushes are far apart you’re more painting on the formula than combing it through. This isn’t the case here the want delivers the product to the lashes without letting it go clumpy. If you have lots of lashes but lack in thickness or length then this will work a treat as it does add that definition. Maybe not as dramatic as the name suggests though.

Best for: Dense lashes that want a naturally defined look.

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

Blackest black – waterproof

This is the one I’d call the ‘pretty lashes’ one – giving a fluttery effect that’s very soft and natural. A little like a toned down version of the all in one offering. The brush is a big fluffy one with the biggest wand of the bunch it means the formula is spread over a larger area and applies without being too intense. Meaning no clumps – just added colour.

Best for: Everyday colour that looks natural.

All the mascaras I tested above are in the Blackest Black shade – they also have a blackest brown for each one and each comes in waterproof and normal versions. As you will spot – I’ve noted under each one the shade and if it’s waterproof or normal. FYI they all came off a dream with the The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.

Now, the ultimate question is which is the favourite!? I’d have to say on lash look alone it would be the All-in-One – really impressive and totally does deliver an all rounder. BUT I can’t help my preference for a softer brush, so with that in mind I really like the Volume and Length version. So has to be red and blue for me!

When it comes to mascara do you stick to one or tend to go for the wardrobe approach…?

Revlon Mascara Collection * available from 21st January from Boots & Superdrug

*PR sample or gift



  1. January 12, 2016 / 6:06 pm

    I love this idea, but I do find the packaging a bit boring. I think I’ll be trying the All-In-One formula first, as I’m intrigued by that tiny wand!

    Alice /


  2. January 12, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    They all look really cute, I wouldn’t know which one to get but I am leaning towards the Super Length mascara. Fantastic post.

    Kiran |

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