Making detox fun – Sanctuary Spa’s Charcoal Bubble Mask

January is traditionally the time of the resolution, the diet and the detox. Personally I think of it as a month to go easy on yourself. Stay warm, stay cosy and make time for some TLC and pampering. If you feel you need a little added detox/cleansing element in there then great. But you’re more likely to find me enjoying a long warm bath than a long gym session in January!

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Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Bubble Mask

I do love the whole ‘fresh start’ feel to the New Year though, so whilst I definitely opt more for the ‘take it easy’ in January that doesn’t mean your fresh start can take on a different spin. Taking time out to relax is just as valid a way to approach a new year as is spending it hitting a treadmill or banishing junk food from the house. Of course I can’t help but feel I do need a little touch of the detox in my life after a few weeks of indulging in festive food. On the plus side being pregnant has meant I don’t feel the need to detox from booze as it’s not been on the menu for me but that doesn’t mean I haven’t more than made up for it with Quality Street and cheese boards galore. It definitely takes its toll on the skin especially so I’ve been glugging back water and thrown a new detox treat into the mix from the Sanctuary Spa’s Charcoal Bubble Mask. This is a whole new take on masks and it really is one that makes a detox WAY more fun than it normally is!

The NEW Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Bubble Mask combines three masking trends in one – charcoal for detox, sheet mask format for easy application AND bubble/foaming texture to leave skin feeling fresh and deeply cleansed. I love to do a face mask once or twice a week as part of my overall skincare routine but sometimes find it hard to find the time (something that will no doubt just get harder with baby on the way) which is where I love a sheet mask. The way they’re so easy to open and apply without needing to paint it on then when it comes to removal it’s a simple peel it off your face and throw away job. No flannel or cotton pads needed to make sure you get rid of every last drop around your face (almost always inevitably leaving the odd streak of green face mud in your eyebrow by accident). There’s zero fear of that with this style of mask.

The Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Bubble Mask comes in two sections in the sachet – one for forehead and one for the lower part of the face. When you open them and apply to clean dry skin they start to ‘activate’ and form the bubbles. Not going to lie, I was a slightly crazy person giggling to myself in the bath the first time I tried this – the feeling of your face foaming up is amusing and seeing it in the mirror where you start out looking like a bit of a horror-story character with the sheet mask and then turn into a foam-face teddy bear as the bubbles rise. If you fail to be amused by this then you’re more mature than me!

But, giggles and bubbles aside – my favourite thing about this mask is that it gives that detox/cleansing feeling without leaving skin feeling stripped of all moisture. I tend to have dry skin but congestion around my chin and t-zone area. So I want to be able to detox and give those areas a cleanse but don’t want to risk stripping other areas of my skin of all moisture in the process. I am partial to the odd multi-mask session, but frankly – who has time for this?! I’d rather pick out a couple of masks for a week that I can use one at a time and get both benefits in a way that suits my skin. The Sanctuary Spa Charcoal Bubble Mask is perfect for needing a cleanse/detox but leaving skin feeling fresh not dry. There’s something about the bubbles that feels like it gives my circulation in my face a bit of a boost and ‘glows’ a bit more after use. In the way it does after a brisk walk in the cold!

Definitely more my style of detox. One that can be paired with a pamper, read and a hot drink. Throw in some fresh PJs and clean sheets and I’m in January hibernation heaven! My sort of ‘me time’ fresh start to 2018 – knowing me time won’t be something I’ll be getting a lot of when baby is here I fully intend to embrace it and make the most of it between now and March!

Oh and as if that all wasn’t enough to tempt you – the mask itself is only £5 so a nice affordable treat in a notoriously tricky month after all the expenses of Christmas celebrations.

Sanctuary’s Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask (RRP £5) is available in most Boots stores, &

You can save 25% off the entire Sanctuary skincare range until February 13th (that means this sheet mask is just £3.75!)

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