Beauty MVP – Elegant Touch Soak Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets

Continuing my beauty ‘MVP’ (most valuable product) series I have this product from Elegant Touch that has become a massive favourite of mine. To the point where I couldn’t find them the other day and had a bit of a panic. These are the Elegant Touch Soak Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets and let me tell you why they’re awesome.


I’ve mentioned before how I have a thing for gel-nails this year over traditional nail polish. Well, along with that comes the joys of removal. Sometimes I leave it to in-salon, other times I tend to opt to DIY at home. A note here – if you DIY then do it properly. Don’t just pick the polish off as this will damage your nails and eventually make them as thin as tissue paper. I’ve been there and it’s a horrid feeling. BUT that is why these Elegant Touch Soak Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets are so great. They take the fuss out of proper removal but still let you do it without damaging your nails too much.

Inside the box are a load of single sachets – 100 of them to be precise. Each on has a small cotton pad soaked in acetone polish remover. The sachets themselves are a sort of tin-foil material that means you can tightly wrap them around your finger so they can do their thing and help remove the gel polish (or glitter). A couple of tips to make them as quick and easy to use as possible.


ONE -always buff the nail first. It helps sort of ‘break the seal’ of the polish so the acetone can break it down. If you don’t do this it’s just going to take a lot longer and you will probably just get impatient and start picking it off instead.

TWO – If you can, once you have the sachets in place on each finger. Use a little heat to speed things up. I don’t mean stick your hands in an oven or anything silly. Just maybe pop on a pair of old gloves or even just sit on your hands (yes, really… just use an old towel or something to prevent acetone leaking out or anything) as it does speed things up.


These are brilliant if you want to know you can take your own gel polish off at any time. Just keep a nail buffer and some cuticle oil handy for some afterwards nail TLC and you’re good to go! I’m actually giving my nails a bit of a detox at the moment, so I used these to remove and now leaving them polish free for a week before I go FULL FESTIVE SPARKLE. I’m planning to try out some chrome rose-gold nails ASAP.

The Elegant Touch Soak Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets * are available from (£7.95)

*PR sample or gift



  1. December 3, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    I like the sound of these – I usually use the rubber money counting tips to hold the acetone soaked cotton pads on my nails. And I’ve found the best/easiest way of adding heat is to sit with one of those microwavable hotties over my hands, the ones full of wheat/pellets work best as they mould to the shape of your hands.

    • Jen
      December 4, 2016 / 8:05 pm

      That’s a great tip! Will have to give that a go!

    • Jen
      December 4, 2016 / 8:03 pm

      It’s quite drying but nothing that can’t be sorted with a good dose of oil after you get the polish off!

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