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I do love a beauty bargain and some of the best come in the form of a QVC TSV – this week there’s a very special one that JUST HAPPENS to be perfectly timed with my sun care week in collaboration with Ultrasun. Which also happens to be timed to coincide with the start of National Sun Awareness Week that runs from 8th-14th May. Basically, there’s never been a better time or excuse to stock up on some great quality sun care in preparation for sunny days ahead. Let me tell you a little more about the Ultrasun QVC TSV deal they have online right now.

Ultrasun QVC TSV

QVC Today’s Special Value – Ultrasun 3rd May 2017

The Ultrasun QVC TSV (available from midnight 3rd May) features a selection of products to have you perfectly prepped to both protect and get yourself a sun kissed glow on:

Ultrasun Tan Activator Face SPF30 –50ml

This is the first time high UVA & UVB filters have been formulated with a tan enhancing ingredient. The revolutionary ingredients Bronxyl, a natural tan enhancer that helps to accelerate your tan by over 40% in ten days. As with all products in the Ultrasun Face range, 30 SPF Ultrasun Tan Activator Face also contains Ectoin a natural enzyme that fights the signs of ageing. Get a deeper, faster and longer lasting tan whilst protecting yourself against sun damage.

Ultrasun QVC TSV

Note: Ultrasun QVC TSV feautres the Glimmer in SPF 20 (not 30 as shown here)

Ultrasun Tan Activator Body SPF30 – 150ml

Struggling to find that balance between staying protected from the Sun and also getting a gorgeous summer tan? The NEW 30SPF Ultrasun Tan Activator Body not only provides high UVA and UVB protection, but also like the face product contains the natural tan enhancer Bronzyl that helps to accelerate your tan by over 40% in ten days allowing for a deeper tan that will last longer.

Ultrasun Glimmer SPF20 – 150ml

Housed in an airless pump dispenser to prevent product deterioration and contamination, this clever sun protection product with its patented Liposome Complex will carry moisture deep into the skin, delivering long lasting protection with just one application. The ground-breaking formula also contains Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an enzyme to help reduce free radical activity and
tiny golden ‘glimmers’ (mica) which raise protection by deflecting the sun’s rays also adding an attractive golden glow to the surface of the skin.

Ultrasun QVC TSV

Ultrasun Aftersun – 150ml

A light gel formulation that gives instant relief to skin that has been exposed to the sun. Is also ideal for immediate cooling on the skin. Prolongs the tan and can be used as a pre tan accelerator.

The QVC TSV Price for this whole bundle is under £35 – which is an insane saving when the tan activator face and body would be normally £28 EACH. Definitely one to buy before the people at QVC & Ultrasun realise they’re basically giving them away…

On a recent trip to Florida my go-to day to day products were the two tan activator products in SPF 30 – as we were on the go, rather than basking in the sun I wanted to make sure I was making the most of any opportunity to come back looking like I’d been in sunny climes for a few days. Nobody really wants to come back looking paler than when they went away!

Ultrasun QVC TSV

After just five days in the sunshine I really felt I had a nice bit of colour. No, I don’t have a deep, dark tan. But I’m very fair so expecting something like that is setting myself up for failure but I would say on my arms, shoulders, face and tops of my legs I had the colour I’d normally expect after a 10 day holiday where there would have been more time in the sun than five days of being on the go in Florida. We did spend a lot of time outside doing things, but not technically sunbathing (any time that was more sunbathing-like I was the one opting to hide in the shade to avoid any burning risk). The main thing that I love about the tan optimising range is that they help your skin develop colour naturally, not using any sort of ‘fake tan’ ingredients. So you’re left with colour that lasts and doesn’t wash off in a patchy fashion like a fake tan can do.

The one product I haven’t used personally is the Glimmer in SPF20 – this was a favourite of Becky from English Mum who was also on the Florida trip. We of course spent time swapping beauty notes and one of the first things to jump out was the fact we both had brought only Ultrasun with us. She loved the shimmer finish as it does give a really flattering sheen to arms and legs whilst offering some effective protection at the same time.

Ultrasun QVC TSV

To say I was impressed was an understatement – I’m off on some travels again this month and plan to take more of the same product with me – hopefully by the end of May I’ll be a totally tanned goddess… or at least look less like I’ve been in total hibernation!

The Ultrasun QVC TSV only lasts for 24 hours OR until sold out – so if you want it, move fast! It won’t hang around. It’s a bargain to stock up on sun protection that will see you through Summer.

Ultrasun will be the Today’s Special Value on QVCUK on 3rd May 2017 your chance to grab an Ultasun 4 piece collection for under £35 worth £98. Including both Ultrasun Tan Activator Face SPF30 and Tan Activator Body SPF30 individually they are £28. Get in quick this offer is for one day only and won’t hang around!


Suncare week is sponsored by Ultrasun




  1. May 3, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    That’s SUCH A good price for the bundle! I’ve not used Ultrasun but I always trust your beauty recommendations love; going to look into this as I need some new skincare for America! 🙂

    Hayley xo

    • Jen
      May 3, 2017 / 10:58 pm

      Perfect! Definitely an amazing price & perfect to stock up. The glimmer one would be great for photos to give that glowy sheen!

    • Jen
      June 26, 2017 / 2:56 pm

      The QVC TSV is only limited time deal, but I know they do special offers on QVC quite regularly!

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