Best of beauty 2017

I’m probably a *little* late as 2018 is already well underway (hope it’s going well for you so far) but I wanted to pull a little round up of my best of beauty 2017 products. Or my 2017 beauty favourites – depending on how you look at it – basically exactly the same thing. Either way it’s a round up of the products that have really left their mark – in a good way – on me on from the year gone by. I decided not to only include new launches, but also the ones that I feel like I embraced/discovered/used a lot in 2017. Even if they’re already well known as cult products or were launched years before.

Best of beauty 2017

Sanctuary Spa In Shower Moisturiser

Sure, there are other versions of this sort of in-shower moisturiser product on the market, but I’ve totally fallen for this one. Why does it stand out? Because it has that signature Sanctuary Spa scent that really lingers on the skin and it leaves skin hydrated super quick and easy. Is it the same as a body lotion? Well, not quite as thorough. But it does do a great quick fix for busy days when you have dry skin but maybe don’t have quite the time to slather on a body cream. Lazy girl beauty win!

Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich

The number of Glossier products I could probably add to this list is pretty darn extensive. But in the interest of keeping it as concise as possible I picked just one and this was my top choice. This moisturiser is a dream if you have dry skin and want something that immediately feels like it makes a difference. Having said that, I haven’t tried the Priming Moisturiser so can’t totally compare but I know my dry skin drinks this up and immediately feels hydrated and plumped up. I love that it works just as well as a day or night option in terms of texture (don’t forget an SPF for day). I’m almost at the end of the pot and it makes me sad that it’s running out.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Cleansing Cream

This is one of those products that’s almost easy to forget (which I feel bad saying) but it’s become such a staple that I had to include in my 2017 best of round up. A lightweight feeling creamy cleanser that is ideal for sensitive skin. I use this almost every day as my second cleanse step after removing make-up with Bioderma or similar. It feel soothing, doesn’t strip skin but still does a great job at giving it a good cleanse. If you have sensitive skin, like cream cleansers but perhaps want one a bit lighter feeling than the likes of the Liz Earle one (which is nice, but personally I prefer the lighter texture of this). A day to day staple that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten at all!

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

When I say this is a dream I’m not just trying to sound like a blogger cliche. It is. It smells amazing and I swear it works. I slather this on before bed time and it definitely feels like it helps me doze off. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect, perhaps it is a little pot of magic. Either way, I love this and even if the sleep impact is in my head – the fact my skin feels silky soft in the morning isn’t. Apparently one that’s friendly for baby skin too so might have to keep this in the baby arsenal after Baby Thorne arrives.. !? (When she’s a bit older, not newborn…)

Dadi Oil Nail Treatment

This stuff is my cuticles new best friend. In 2017 I very much stuck to the salon nail treatment routine – getting my nails manicured with gel nails every 2-3 weeks or so. With the occasional break. But throughout this I’ve worked my way through a mini bottle of this Dadi Oil but luckily have this bigger size (15ml) in my stash ready to go. It’s actually the same oil as they use in my local salon – so I know it works well even if you have gel nails on (some oils can make gels lift off before they should). I have the worlds driest cuticles (not technically proven, but I’d definitely be a competitor for this title) and this one works a treat for immediate transformation. The small bottle I’ve nearly finished sits in my bathroom and I use it morning & night along with a slathering of hand cream. Definitely makes a difference alongside the routine of regular nail treatments – having gel nails has stopped me from the bad habit of picking at my dry cuticles. Combined with this oil and I’m definitely seeing a huge improvement in the dryness issues.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

This one recieved MUCH hype and for good reason. It’s a sort of tricky one to describe, because it’s a bit of an ‘everything’ product. It’s a CC cream so works amazingly for countering any uneven colour issues. For me it covers redness immediately. It is a full coverage cream, but I find how you apply it can really customise how ‘heavy’ it is. Personally I don’t love a heavy coverage base, but one pump applied with either a beautyblender or buffing brush creates a flawless but natural finish. The fact it also includes ant-ageing, hydrating ingredients AND is SPF 50+ make it basically an all around win for me. IT Cosmetics as a whole is one of those brands I just feel really excited about – they seem to create things that have come straight from the ‘dream beauty product’ list in my head. I have a post in the works that’s a bit of a brand focus so if you’re keen to know more keep an eye out for that one.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Nope, not a new launch of 2017 but this was definitely my most-used foundation alongside the IT Cosmetics CC Cream so couldn’t do a round up of best of beauty 2017 without including it. This is another ‘much hyped’ foundation product and again, for good reason. A base that immediately manages to even out any colouring issues. Give an even finish that looks like real skin with a glow to it. Another one I prefer to apply with a buffing brush and one and a bit pumps is plenty to cover my face.

Whilst writing this I was just having a think about what would make me use this vs the IT CC cream on a day to day basis. I’d probably go for Luminous Silk on ‘lighter’ foundation days then the CC cream when I want a bit heavier coverage. I also think the shade match for these mean the Light shade I have of the CC cream is more suited to my summer skin tone and shade 4 of the Armani is better for my Winter skintone. Just in case you’re wondering!

Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops

These are a WHOLE lot of glow in a drop. As a highlight they deliver that real eye-catching shine but my preferred way to use is actually under foundation to add a little extra glow. One or two drops (none of this dripping all over my face rubbish) just on tops of cheeks and buffed in before I apply chosen foundation over the top and it gives me a lovely bit of radiance without resorting to glitter type shine. My favourite shade for 2017 has been this pinky metallic ‘At First Light’ but I think there are a total of five shades to choose from so you can find one to match your skin tone. For a more intense sheen you can use on top, but for me underneath is perfection!

Rimmel #Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder

This is another ‘daily use’ product that if it wasn’t for me having a rifle through my make-up bag to pick out my most regularly used pieces for the round up I’d probably have forgotten it. A pressed translucent powder that’s just perfect for helping set make-up and keep the glow/shine only where you want it. I tend to have an oilier T-Zone so use powder on top of my base to keep it at bay. This one is just a great cheap option that does exactly what you want. I apply with a fluffy powder brush to remove shine and set. A brilliant basic.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide ‘Bound’

I had this sitting in my ‘to try’ pile for WAY too long. When I findally dug it out it was love at first use. Both the texture and the shade is just ace. A sort of mauve-purple toned shade that I find is flattering and sort of looks like a slight twist on a nude. No, my lips aren’t mauve or purple, but somehow it just works as a flattering bit of colour without being in your face OR too nude. The texture is a liquid lipstick sort of one, so creamy without being sticky or too glossy. This has lived in my handbag ever since first use and is my day to day go to. Absolutely love it – probably my top choice out of ALL these 2017 beauty favourites.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer ‘Cool Sand’

A hydrating concealer is an essential for me when it comes to attempting to cover under eye circles. Anything drying and my lines show up from space. Not ideal. This is lightweight, liquid and hydrating so adds just enough colour to cover without going too heavy. Definitely a most-used in 2017 so couldn’t do this post without a mention. If you have under-eye dryness then this is one to try for sure.

Eylure Fleur de Force Brow Define

When it comes to brows, I’m very much one who goes on the ‘low maintenance’ side of things. I usually tend to opt for the brow-mascara type option. But as I have a couple of gappy-bits in my brows I do love to have a fill-in option in my make-up bag and this one has been my favourite of 2017. A couple ended very fine crayon allows for precision filling in and a natural look. The fine tip can really help create that ‘hair like’ little line and the mix of two shades mean you don’t end up with a one-shade looking brow that can look really unnatural. I do tend to use the darker one most often as my gappy bits are in the chunky end of my brows which tend to be a little darker overall.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar ‘Brown Perfection’

Again with the low-maintenance beauty choices… can you sense a theme?! This is a winner. A chunky crayon style that is ideal if you like your eyeshadow easy to apply I find just a quick slick and blend with fingers (or brush, if you’re all fancy-like…) and you have a simple bit of definition that stays put. Major plus of this is how long it lasts. It really doesn’t budge! Plus the crayon style makes it pretty easy to do a more dramatic all-around the eye smudge if you fancy it.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon ‘Orange Crush’

Don’t be scared by the ‘orange’ thing, this is basically a metallic so sort of comes across like a shade of warm gold. A combination I love with blue eyes which I’ve been using as a liner for my lower lashes – probably more so back in Summer. But have to say the gel highliners from Marc Jacobs are my favourite pencil liners – so soft and amazing colour pay off. So even if orange isn’t for you I’d definitely recommend checking these out for a shade of your choice!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Big claims about to happen here people. But this is the BEST LIQUID LINER EVER. No joke. So black, so easy to apply, DOES.NOT.MOVE. It’s awesome. I don’t wear liquid liner that often, but when I do this is the only one I use. I’d LOVE it if they could come out with other shades of the Tattoo formula because it’s just so good. I went through a phase in the Autumn where a feline flick liner look was my day to day so have use this a lot in 2017 and will be adding a fresh one to my stash in 2018. Seriously, best liquid liner ever.

Save the best for last with that one from Kat Von D?! I know, that’s a bit of a chunky post with a LOT of favourites. But I wanted to make sure it was thorough – if you stuck this out and read the whole thing then well done! You deserve a cup of tea and a nap.



  1. becky
    January 20, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    Last year really seemed like Glossier’s year, eh? I tried the original priming moisturizer and didn’t like it – I think I just got a bad tube cause it smelled BAD. Sleepy sounds so nice, I’ve only tried Charity Pot and Sympathy for the Skin (my fave!) so far and I like them both a lot.

    becky @ star violet

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