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When it comes to Summer scents there’s one additional factor to consider when choosing one. That’s if it’s travel-friendly. Not necessarily 100% vital if you’re not jetting off – but at the end of the day, Summer is the hottest time of year (well, it’s at least meant to be…) so it’s the best time to tote around a perfume just in case you maybe want a touch of refreshing on the go. So these four fragrances are all both Summer scents that smells perfect and also travel friendly sizes for either your handbag or carry on luggage if you are flying off somewhere.





L’Occitane Figuer & Osmanthus * ( -£22.50) – I love this combination of the fig (a sweet scent) and osmanthus (a fresh floral) as they combine really well to create something more balanced between fresh/floral and sweet…. (total expert describing going on there). Basically, if you like the scent of fig, but maybe find it a touch on the too-sweet side, then this is a good option. Softer but still with that familiar figgy smell.

Mermaid Perfume Oil No1 * ( -$50) – This is one I’ve had in my ‘must post about this’ box for a while. Every time I sniff this is makes me happy – it smells SO GOOD. It’s Orange Blossom at it’s core and as this is one of my all time favourites I knew I’d love it. It has a warm feeling to it, whilst smelling citrus/sweet too. It makes me think of sitting in the Sun drinking fresh juice. This one is a slightly trickier one to get hold of, but it’s worth it as it’s lovely. This is a perfume oil too – which is lovely for Summer with added hydration always handy.

L’Eau De Chloe * ( £30)- This is one of  a trio of mini Chloe fragrances. That are all just adorable, mini versions of the signature Chloe range. The L’Eau De Chloe has long been my most loved of the bunch and I think it’s the perfect Summer one as it’s just that bit lighter and fresher than the original. Still rose/floral but with an added splash of citrus to keep it fresh and light. Plus, who doesn’t love a mini-version of anything…!

Shay & Blue Blood Oranges * ( £30)- Am I the only one who has a serious obsession with blood oranges? Have you had the San Pellagrino Blood Orange drink? Oh my goodness, SO GOOD. Fruity, sweet, just a touch of sharpness to it. The perfect combination. This fragrance is basically this, in scent form. There’s also a lovely sounding one from the same brand called Watermelons… could potentially be another Summer scent that smells amazing.

Do you have any signature Summer scents that you love especially in the warmer days of Summer? Another one I always return to year after year is Davidoff Cool Water – I’ve loved it since I was a teen and has no sign of going away! Let me know any Summer fragrances you love in the comments or drop me a tweet!

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  1. July 27, 2015 / 12:47 pm

    Ooh the Shay & Blue scent sounds divine! xx

  2. July 27, 2015 / 7:36 pm

    L’Occitane Figuer & Osmanthus sounds lovely!

  3. July 27, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    The Mermaid one sounds so nice. Haven’t heard of it before.

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