Clarins Boosters

Remember when Clarins launched their self tan dropper product that you could add to your own moisturiser to add a little glow when you want it. With a version for body and face, it seemed like such a simple idea that it was one of those ‘why didn’t someone do this sooner?’. Well, there’s a trio of new additions to the whole ‘booster’ line – with Clarins Boosters in Booster Repair, Booster Energy and Booster Detox. 

Clarins Boosters

Clarins Boosters

Each of the boosters work to give you a little extra something with your regular skincare routine. So much better than having to have a whole roster of products that you need to chop and change each time you need a little something different to keep your skin on an even keel or just a little extra boost.

My personal favourite is the Clarins Booster Energy – not that it gives me energy as such (that would be ace) but if I’m feeling tired and it shows in my skin I feel like this gives me that boost and a shot of hydration that tends to be what’s missing when I’m not getting quite enough sleep. Is there ever such a thing as enough sleep!?

Clarins Boosters

The other two boosters include the Booster Repair and Booster Detox. So if you maybe need a bit of soothing and repair – maybe a tad too much sun, or any extreme of weather. Maybe you’re having a bit of a breakout or just been over indulging a bit and want a touch of detox. You can pick and choose what works best for you at that moment – without needing to change it all up to fix one problem that might be just a short term thing. A handy little addition to have in the stash to help sort those day to day up and downs. Clever Clarins did it again.

Clarins Boosters * available from John Lewis (£30)

*PR sample or gift 



  1. April 19, 2016 / 7:19 am

    I freakin’ love the self tan drops and I couldn’t be happier for this new launch! I think I will go for the detox one as my skin is acne prone

  2. April 19, 2016 / 11:19 am

    These sound so so good! I love a new Clarins launch, the Energy one sounds ideal for my skin right now! Fab post as always my lovely!

    Jasmine | xx

  3. April 27, 2016 / 7:04 pm

    I definitely need to try the Clarins Booster Energy! It sounds like it is just what I have been looking for! x
    Louise |

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