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I’ve mentioned on here before how I need glasses. I blame excessive time in front of screens… but I do and whilst I have a perfectly good pair, I find I rarely wear them. Mainly due to the fact I’ve never really made myself spend the time getting used to them and ‘adjusting’ to the lenses so whilst they made my eyesight better, they also made me feel a bit disorientated due to the change. Then there’s also the vanity side of things in that I just couldn’t get used to wearing glasses. So over the years, I’ve been toying with the idea of contacts. My husband wears them daily (also has glasses that he puts on when he gets home usually) and it just seemed like an easier option. So when invited to give the 1 day Acuvue Natural Shimmer Define Contact Lenses a trial I was immediately interested.


Funnily enough, it’s not as simple as just picking up some lenses, popping them in and off you go. Which I think is a good thing, one bit of advice my mum gave me when I was younger was to not mess around with your eyes. Which is why I have never tried novelty lenses or to dye my own eyelashes – things I’ll always leave to professionals. So to get used to using lenses you have a few steps to go through. Firstly, getting your eyes tested of course. Then working out the prescription to suit your eyes – I have a stigmatism (or ‘wonky eyeballs’ as I refer to it as) meaning my eyeballs are shaped like little rugby balls rather than footballs. Which basically just means that your prescription has to be slightly adjusted to accommodate -the shape. So where I normally am around a -1.25 for contacts I was -0.75 – a minimal difference.

Then, once you know what prescription you need you have the lesson on how to put them in and out. I was sure this would be a total breeze – but on first few goes it is trickier than expected, but once you have the knack of it, it’s really easy. It’s just a case of getting used to opening up your eye really wide and popping them in. The lenses themselves are really flexible, light and moist (as much as I hate that word… is it just me!?) and as soon as they’re in they feel really comfortable. There are two styles in the Acuvue Define range – sparkle and shimmer. And it’s worth trying both as there are subtle differences that mean one may suit you (comfort wise) more than the other, or you may just have a preference over the look as they each are of course designed to add a little extra shimmer or sparkle to your natural eye colour. You can see how the tint to the lenses just dials up the intensity of eye colour below:

IMG_8087 IMG_8097

Looks wise, I love how it adds a subtle bit of added intensity. Nothing so crazy people might stare – but just a bit of extra depth to my eye colour so it looks like me but with a bit of a twist. You could go as far as adding a little ‘oomph’.

For me, it was the Natural Shimmer style that won me over and once I had them in I was absolutely amazed by how comfortable they feel. I naturally have quite dry eyes, which can lead to them looking quite blood shot at times. But with these in, my eyes feel much more hydrated/moist and the redness definitely goes down. Which for me is a massive plus point – as they genuinely feel really comfortable and as they’re designed for me when out and about rather than when stuck in front of a computer primarily, comfort is key. Last thing you want is a day rushing around where you need to fuss over lenses!

Having now tried the lenses for five days (not consecutively – just picking and choosing when it suited my plans for the day to wear them) I can totally say I’m a convert. My funny eye balls mean I don’t need to wear them daily which makes them a good option for being flexible. The other good news? If you’re tempted to try – you can get a five day trial for free too: visit for more information on how to get your free trial.

My number one beauty tip when it comes to wearing contact lenses – always, always do your make-up AFTER putting them in. No matter how pro you are at applying them. For one, it means you’re less likely to spoil your make-up with a clumsy smudging…but more importantly you get rid of the risk of accidentally getting a bit of make-up in or under your lens which is really uncomfortable and can potentially harmful.

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  1. April 28, 2015 / 8:21 pm

    I liked this post, but I am SLIGHTLY uncomfortable with the idea of adding a ‘sparkle’, ‘defining the eyes’ – I mean, we already cover our dark circles, imperfections, enhance our eye colour by choosing the perfect eyeshadow, I know it and I get it.

    But I have this feeling like this trend is a little bit too much, too fake, especially if it catches on, like covering dark circles – now if you have them on display, people think you’re sick. You know, they’re so used to NOT seeing them. I mean, they think dark circles are not normal.
    It seems like adding a sparkle to your eye, this way, I don’t know. Hard to explain it, but makes me a bit uncomfortable.

    I wear glasses btw, so a post about contacts is always interesting.

    • Jen
      April 28, 2015 / 8:29 pm

      That’s a good point. I think for me, as it’s an occasional thing I like it as a way to switch up a look. Rather than in the way concealer covers imperfections – more like wearing a bright red lipstick for a different look? Overall though, as a way to try lenses and realise they’re actually really comfortable that was the most interesting bit for me!

  2. Hajrah
    April 28, 2015 / 8:49 pm

    I’ve always got my contact lenses from Specsavers and I was told they didn’t do any coloured options for people with astigmatism! Excited to trial these!

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