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Now, if you’re in the US you may already have heard about Trust Fund Beauty. But if you’re UK or the rest of Europe then this may be a new one for you. So if that’s you, I wanted to introduce you to Trust Fund Beauty. This is a brand that is packed full of attitude along with a selection of cool and colourful shades. From the ‘Lipgasm’ lipsticks to nail shades with names like ‘I’m kind of a big deal’ or ‘Champagne problems’. The brand website really caught my eye when I looked at it too – very slick and really makes the products look interesting. So I was excited to try some out and see what I though. The closest I’ll ever get to having my own Trust Fund…Trust Fund Beauty

A package of products to try arrived in the form of a whole bunch of Lipgasm shades and one of their Le Vernis nail varnish shades. I decided to pull out my edit of four shades that are my favourites from the selection I was sent and share those as think they’re a pretty good representation of the quality and the colours of the Lipgasm lipsticks from the Trust Fund Beauty range as a whole.

As you can probably see from the photos, there’s a vast range from every nude you can imaging to bright bright pinks, purples and then deep wine colours or rosey shades. A little of everything (which makes sense for a Trust Fund Beauty name…. what else do you offer girls that have everything… every shade under the sun!)

Trust Fund Beauty

Also on the nail colour front, the one I have here is a gorgeous pale grey-sandy nude called ‘Beach Vibes’. I actually can’t see the shade on the website anymore but there’s a fairly similar looking one called Going Commando that it might have a touch of shimmer when this is a cream but close enough. I actually think it was the nail shades that really piqued my interest – from the colours on offer to the names I think they have such a fun offering.

Colours range from the brightest of blues (my nail weakness) to a really cool one that’s a sort of grey/purple metallic duo chrome style shade with the amazing name ‘Resting Bitch Face’ (NEED in my life…matching my nails to my face since 2016). There’s also one that looks like a really bright pink called ‘Bye Felicia’ and some shimmering ones that look really interesting. Other potential faves include ‘I give good tweet’ (a cornflower blue) and ‘Boy Tears’ (rainbow glitter). Amazing names matched to really fun shades. It’s no mean feat for a brand to launch something that actually looks and feels original so kudos to Trust Fund Beauty for managing to do just that!


But back to the edit of four lip shades that I selected from the ones I have been sent. It was hard not to pick all the bright pinks (I have a problem… a bright pink lipstick is always a winner to me) but I wanted to get a mix between super-bright, a little bit out there, a brighter every day and an everyday wearable shade. So the four I chose as my ‘edit’ are:

Left to right (below): Obnoxious request, Try to be nice, Hush Money and On Trend.

So Obnoxious request is a VERY bright fuchsia pink with a blue based tone to it. In the same sort of league as MAC’s  ‘Girl About Town’. Then we have the interesting Try to be nice, a purple/lilac cream. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I do like a purple toned lipstick from time to time. As far as purple lipstick goes, this one is pretty flattering as it has a lot of pink in it when applied.

Next, more in the lipstick ‘safe’ zone is ‘Hush Money‘ a peachy nude that does look more peachy when swatched than it does in the bullet. Then there’s On Trend – another bright pink (couldn’t resist) but slightly less bright than Obnoxious request.

IMG_2548Trust Fund Beauty

You can see the pigment and smoothness of each shade is pretty impressive and consistent. The only downside to this is having looked on the website, it looks like the lip products are changing. I don’t know if this is temporary or a longer term change but it looks like they don’t currently have the lipstick bullets on the site, but they have liquid lipsticks and gloss instead. This may be that it’s a relatively new brand so stock turnover is constantly changing or it might be a permanent move. I’ll try and find out and update the post.

The only thing I was going to say is that the outer packaging of the lipsticks maybe isn’t quite as nice quality feeling as the look and feel of the brand overall. The outer packaging is really cool and colourful and the inner packaging is ok, just not quite as cool as the brand overall. But as with changing lip stock, this could be just part of the brands development and growing process. I’m interested to see what comes next from Trust Fund Beauty. As a blogger it’s a little bit of a shame that I’m showing you these lipsticks when they’re not on site anymore, but I’m hoping it give you an idea of the product quality or if they come back in stock this will be helpful.

Price wise the Trust Fund Beauty lip shades * start at $15 and the nails * at $12

*PR sample or gift


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