No7 Lovely Lips Sheer Lip Balms

Summer is the perfect time to skip the matte, full coverage lip stick and go for the low maintenance and hydrating option of a tinted lip balm. In all honesty, I’m definitely more of a tinted lip balm or sheer lipstick type of girl year-round. But it’s especially nice in Summer when my lips seem to go even dryer!? As if that’s possible. ANYWAY, let’s take a peek at the gorgeous sheer shades that are the No7 Lovely Lips Sheer Lip Balms.IMG_2493

There are four shades and one un-tinted version in the range (with SPF – so perfect if you just want moisture and sun protection). The four shades are all various pinky/red/berry type colours and because they’re sheer they’re each very wearable.

In face, one of my tips would be to try the red shade (Poppy Petal) if you maybe want to get into red lipstick but not sure where to start. Then you can get used to it in a sheer form and work your way up to a full on power pout when you feel comfortable. Just a little side tip there… you’re welcome.


So the four shades are (left to right) Deep Raspberry, Poppy Petal, Parisian Pink and Coral Blossom. Then of course the un-tinted version. IMG_2503IMG_2508IMG_2510

So above you can see how the two darker shades (Deep Raspberry and Poppy Petal) are obvously that touch more intense/pigmented than the Coral and the Parisian Pink shade. My suggestion would be opt for the two on the left if your lips already have some natural pigment to them. If you have paler lips naturally then the two on the right will be just the right dose of colour to add a hint of tint and moisture.

My favourite of the bunch would have to be the Parisian Pink. I find that the most flattering on me as a ‘my lips but better’ shade that is easy and natural looking. But I’m also a big fan of the un-tinted version for every day moisture for my eternally dry lips.

No7 Lovely Lips Sheer Lip Balms * available from (£9)

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  1. August 7, 2016 / 2:51 pm

    Ooh! I’d love to try the coral blossom shade, I love orangey colours, I think they are the ultimate summer shade xoxo

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