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Shopping for beauty in general can be a pretty overwhelming experience, when there’s SO much choice out there along with so much advice it can be hard to know where to start. Do you just buy the latest product doing the rounds on all your favourite blogs or the one you keep seeing pop up in Instagrams (probably what I do, I’m a sucker for hype) or do you go to a sales person in a store to get advice? But then this can leave you feeling cynical about motives – do they want to help or are they just driven by sales targets or incentives to push whatever the latest launch is. It’s a bit of a minefield really to know where to start. I think the biggest ‘risk factor’ for me is you might go in with one new product in mind but the sales person upsells you to multiple or diverts you off the course of where you started.

But last week I popped to the Boots store in Picadilly Circus (FYI – this store is a bit of a gem that you wouldn’t know about, always quite quiet considering the location and has been recently redone and the selection upstairs is particularly impressive). One of the new things that’s recently been added to the Boots offering is a new skincare service (a FREE skincare consultation that they’re called ‘Beautiful You‘) which is the inspiration behind this post – it’s an in store and online service – the in store one is backed up with staff who aren’t linked to any particular brand but are trained to help find a selection of products that suit your own skincare concerns and are a good fit for your general ‘type’ and diagnosis. A diagnosis that does more than just tick a box between dry/oily/normal. It extends to testing your oil levels and fine lines using a snazzy little gadget that gives a more ‘official’ reading than just another persons opinion. But then has an added layer of expertise of the human touch of just having a conversation and adjusting the responses to really give an honest reflection of your skin combining the gadget (the dermo-analyser) and your own view.

The end result being that you can select your own custom product choices with a list that you can filter (if there are brands you want to skip or a maximum price bracket you want to come in under) to work out your own choices.

What I have here are the selections of products I made after my own skincare consultation where I identified my biggest ‘issues’ being my dehydrated eye area and needing some anti-ageing. From the many, many products I was recommended (all rated by percentage they are deemed a ‘match’ to your skin consultation results) and split across: make-up remover, cleanser, serum, day cream, night cream and eyes.

When making my selections I decided I wanted to go for a total split of budget products to higher end, purposely avoiding more than one product from any one brand. So what I chose:

Make-up Remover: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser (£25)

Cleanser: Clarins Gentle Peeling (£26)

Serum: Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Firming Serum (£20.99)

Day Cream: No7 Beautiful Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin (£13.50)

Night Cream: Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream (£8.66)

Eyes: Vichy Idealia Eye Cream (£23)

A range of affordable to higher priced products that all combined totals £117.15 (based on current prices at time of post going live) which I don’t think is *too* bad for a total all-round customised skincare routine.

I haven’t tried these yet as I’m in the middle of a special skincare trial that I’ll be telling you all about next week. But wanted to share the information about the Boots skincare consultation service as I think it’s good to know this sort of service is on offer. Having experienced it and spoken to the sales assistant in store and gone through the process, it really is an interesting one and really useful. So hopefully it will be put to good use and lots of people can find a great selection of products that work well for their own skincare concerns. Or of course you can use the online version. Details of that are below.

For more information and where to find your nearest store offering the free skin analyser service (there are 57 doing it nationwide so hopefully one close to you):

*Service and product samples have been provided for review.

Post is not sponsored FYI. Just like to be overly clear on that – which I’m sure any reader knows if it was I would obviously disclose. But just like to go belt and braces on that front. 



  1. August 12, 2016 / 8:09 am

    This is a great idea! I tend to avoid sale person advice, just because I don’t believe that somebody who’s seeing my skin for 5 minutes can’t know it better than I do, and explaining how complicated my skin is to someone isn’t ideal either! But a gadget is a lot more different, and limited yourself to one skincare item by brand is a great idea!

  2. August 12, 2016 / 11:03 am

    I think this is an amazing service, something you would only expect from high end skincare brands. Sanctuary, No7 and Botanics are some of my favourite high street skincare brands.

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