Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette – In Stock Again!

I’ve had this palette for a month or so now and had it on my ‘must blog that’ pile, but have been purposely holding off for one massive reason. It’s been out of stock in the UK. I didn’t want to be THAT blogger sharing an awesome product that nobody can get their hands on. So this is now a fairly short and snappy post to share a little look at what I am now referring to as the palette of glow-giving dreams… also known as the Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette (Space NK – £48) which is basically everything I could want in a cheek palette in one neat little gold and white case.

Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face PaletteJaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette

I already have a single version of Becca Champagne Pop, but after a week of browsing every Sephora we went past in New York (where stock was plentiful) I couldn’t help but lust over this palette so was over the moon when I got home to find one had been sent out for me to try. The palette is made up of five cheek products. Two highlighters and three cheek colours, with a peachy shimmer, a bronze shimmer and a coral shade. Also known as: Rose Spritz (peachy shimmer), Amaretto (bronze), Pamplemousse (coral) and Champagne pop (cooler toned champagne highlight) and Prosecco Pop (more yellow toned golden highlight).

Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette

I’ve swatched each of the shades below so you can see the colour pay off and level of shimmer/glitter on each one.

If you know Champagne Pop then you probably know how it ticks pretty much all the gorgeous-glow boxes. A nice cooler/neutral tone (i.e. not too yellow or too pink) without obvious chunks of glitter, just the right amount of shine to make you look all radiant and cheek-boney. Prosecco pop offers exactly the same in terms of glow/no glitter but just in a slightly more golden/yellow tone.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette


Then the three blusher/cheek colour shades in the Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette. First is Rose Spritz which is a pretty peachy shade with golden shimmer and then Amaretto and Pamplemousse that are shimmer-free in a bronze and a coral shade. So it’s not ALL about the shimmer and highlight in this palette. Which is what makes it so ideal as you can mix and dial up or down the level of light-catching that you want.

Rose Spritz is a really lovely combination of colour and sheen.  It sort of hits that ‘NARS Orgasm’ territory of flattering level of glow and colour combined. Then Amaretto is a bronzing sort of shade, in a more yellow-bronze shade. Nice for Summer when you have a bit of colour to enhance it. Finally there’s Pamplemousse, which I love for the name (aka grapefruit) I would take a guess that this is named as it is as it’s a similar shade to a pink grapefruit juice… maybe just a guess?! It’s a very pretty pinky coral type shade that would add a healthy flush. This one is VERY pigmented though so go easy if you’re paler skinned or else you risk that ‘just slapped’ look.

Other things I love about the palette. It feels sturdy, closes securely and has a large mirror. It has a definite feeling of quality about it and makes an ideal choice for travel thanks to the selection of shades and the large mirror as back up in case wherever you’re heading has either rubbish lighting or mirror situation – you can have this as your back up.

The Jaclyn Hill x Becca collection has been the first collection/collaboration that I’ve been so FOMO-level about in a long time. The products are totally wearable, flattering and worth the investment. The Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette would definitely be one of my if-you-only-buy-one-thing choices.

Which is a good job as it’s back in stock on Space NK as of NOW (at time of post going live)

Jaclyn Hill Becca Champagne Pop Face Palette * in stock at Space NK (£48)

*PR sample or gift 


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  1. August 11, 2016 / 9:02 am

    I’m so glad it’s back in stock! I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. Mainly for Rose Quartz!
    Great Post

    Sophie | It’s Cultured

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