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One of the things I promised myself as a New Years Beauty Resolution was to sort out some of my beauty ‘issues’ and also to wear more lipstick. These two go hand in hand when it comes to this post, which is all about giving my lips a little extra TLC to get them in better condition and make sure I am ready at all times to slick on a matte bright pink and go. Or a red. Or a nude. Whatever it is I fancy in the moment. You get the gist.

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Introducing lipivir®

One thing, that I’ve actually not spoken about before on the blog. But is well worth a mention. Is cold sores. If you suffer from them, then they’re an absolute pain. They can be uncomfortable and make you very self conscious whilst they heal. I remember being in high school and knowing a couple of friends who would get them quite badly and know how much it knocked their confidence.

In case you don’t know, a cold sore is a sore or blister that pops up around the mouth area. The skin around the blister area becomes swollen and sore and the blister itself can crack and become leaky. They usually tend to scab and take from a few days to a couple of weeks to heal up completely. The blisters are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and once you have it, it can’t be cured – which means if you have suffered from a cold sore in the past, they’re likely to pop up time and time again. So prevention is key to keeping your lips looking the best they possibly can!

lipivir® is a gel product that helps to reduce the frequency of cold sores and keep your lips happy and blister free for as long as possible! I’m working with lipivir® in 2017 to bring you a series of tips to help you feel happy and confident and of course cold-sore free.


Steps to happy lips

For me there are a few steps I take to make sure my lips are looking and feeling as happy as they can be. All fairly simple ones, but they make all the difference. What I’ve tried to do is add a bit of a ‘lip facial’ into my weekly facial skincare routine. So if I take the time to do a face mask, I also take the time to do the following for my lips too.

Lip Scrub – I give my lips a bit of a scrub. There are a couple of options for how to do this and I really vary between each one. Sometimes I’ve use a dry flannel other times I’ll use a specially designed lip scrub product such as Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub. To give them a buff and smooth out any flakes.

Lip Treatment – Following a scrub, I’ll slather on the most hydrating treatment I can find. At the moment I’ve been using a combination of a dab of my favourite hydrating skin oil – Clarins Blue Orchid Oil or ESPA Lip Treatment Oil. The first is a general hydrating skin oil and the second is designed especially for lips.

Cold Sore Prevention – Then alongside this weekly hydrating treatment it’s all about care and prevention. If you are a sufferer of cold sores then adding lipivir® into your routine will be an absolute essential. A clear gel that means it’s discreet and can easily be applied in the morning as part of your daily routine. There’s no problem with applying make-up after the gel either so it won’t interfere with whatever make-up you want to wear that day. The key is using the gel regularly as part of your routine to really ensure you do what you can to prevent the cold sores from popping up again. Like drinking more water to stay hydrated or a morning green smoothie. It’s something to add into your routine daily and prevent a future break out.


I know cold sores are one of those awkward topics that people don’t like to talk about. In fact, I’m not even sure I can recall reading anyone blogging about them in the past? But they’re a fact of life for many so wanted to talk about them. As someone who has had some really nasty spot breakouts (think massive, under the skin ones that then go red and crusty…oh yeah, nice) I can really relate to how that small area of skin can make you feel like you’re not yourself at all and make you want to hide away. So if there’s a simple step you can take to prevent them coming in the first place, I’d do it! It’s something that’s really easy to add into your routine daily a small step that can prevent a future breakout. Ideally lipivir® should be applied twice a day to get the full protection so leaving it somewhere like next to your tooth paste so it becomes part of your day to day get ready routine.

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Post sponsored by lipivir®


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