Bobbi Brown Havana Brights Collection

A couple of those first warm days of the year and my brain has already fast forwarded to Summer. What do you mean, it’s still March?! Surely not! What’s not helping my imaginary-Summer mindset is the new Bobbi Brown Havana Brights Collection. Hello neon-coral goodness and everything Summery feeling. Of course, as the names suggests it’s inspired by Havana and it just makes me want to pretend I have a deep tan (never in my life have I had a deep tan), don a sexy ruffled dress and dance salsa all night long. Doesn’t go down so well with the husband to be un-elegantly trying to show off these imaginary salsa moves and interrupt NCIS Los Angeles or something… but in my head I am a tanned salsa goddess and that’s enough for me.

Bobbi Brown Havana Brights

Moving on from my imaginary dance skills and back to the sexy-glow giving collection that is the Bobbi Brown Havana Brights (not Havana Nights as I keep trying to call it). The collection consists of the following:

2x Illuminating Cheek Palettes – Each with a highlight, blush and bronzer shade.

6x Double Ended Cream Shadow Stick – Various colour combinations of shimmering cream eye lid colours.

3x Art Stick – Three shade options of the chunky crayon bold lip colours.

3x Art Stick Liquid Lip – Three shades of the new liquid lipstick colours (a new launch from Bobbi Brown offering a liquid lipstick option)

Havana Brights Cosmetics Bag – A three section make-up bag that’s small but perfectly formed in the bright neon-coral shade.

Bobbi Brown Havana Brights

On a slight aside about the shade coral – I used to have an obsession. As soon as the clocks switched I was ALL about all things coral. Blusher, lipstick, nails. But for some reason over the last couple of years I feel like the coral shades that were my go-to choices just didn’t suit me anymore. Isn’t it funny how that changes over time? Is it my colouring as time passes? Or is it just my personal preference? Who knows. All I know is my usual paler coral shades just weren’t working for my like they used to. BUT the good news is that this Bobbi Brown Havana Brights collection helped me find a solution. The coral liquid art stick in the shade Havana Coral. It’s more like a nude-coral than a pink-coral, and I think that’s the secret for me. Switching tone rather than ruling out that colour all together.

Bobbi Brown Havana Brights

Bobbi Brown Havana Brights

Of course one of the stand out products in the collection is the cheek palette. With a lid the same neon coral as the make-up bag and inside featuring three shades for cheeks. On the website the shades are available in Peach and Guava – but for some reason the palette is called Clementine… I originally thought it might be the Peach one as by the website description the colours are the closest match. But it’s actually the richer Guava. In the Guava palette we have a bronzer with shimmer, a warm matte coral and a peachy champagne highlight. My only wish with this is that the bronzer wasn’t shimmering as personally I prefer bronzer to me matte – or at least a really fine shimmer where this is more specks of sparkle. Despite that, I am a sucker for a cheek palette and the highlighter is just gorgeous.

Bobbi Brown Havana Brights

Regardless of wanting to dance the night away in a sexy salsa club or just want to add a Summer twist to your usual make-up routine this is a lovely collection. With a blend of brighter colour pops and easy to wear neutrals. All with a bit of glow and shimmer to them. These would be a gorgeous collection to save for sunny days on holiday or prolong a post-beach glow.

The double ended eyeshadow crayons are definitely the most everyday make-up look friendly I think. The combinations are generally a combination of a lighter and a darker shade. My favourite combination is Golden Pink and Nude Beach – perfect if you like your pink-nude-golden sort of shades. Think Urban Decay Naked 3 palette in eyeshadow crayon form. I use the Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks anyway so having a double ended option ideal. Gotta love a multi-use product.

Basically. Bring on the sunnier days.


The Bobbi Brown Havana Brights Collection * is available now (limited edition) from House of Fraser – from £19.50



  1. March 29, 2017 / 11:07 am

    This collection is gorgeous and so great for this time of year! That palette is especially gorgeous. X


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