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There’s a new launch in the Fleur De Force x Eylure collaboration family and this time it’s all about BROWS. Skipping past lashes, which are all great but for me – I just don’t have the skill or patience to apply even the easiest of false lashes. But some brow taming goodies?! I’m in. It was only as a blogger that I really discovered how much a simple brow tame can transform your face and now along with concealer and mascara, a brow groom is one of my ‘absolute essentials’ of a beauty routine. No matter how minimal I’m keeping my make-up, I’ll always reach for something to just keep those eye caterpillars in vague order. The new Eylure Fleur De Force Brow range is right up my street for a couple of reasons – let me tell you why and show you the products in a little more detail.

Fleur De Force Brow

What is it about the Fleur De Force Brow range that catches my eye? Well for one, they’re simple but effective. I think a lot of the beauty world are getting a tad over-complicated now. In efforts to ‘wow’ us in an over saturated market. Sometimes taking things back to basics and offering something simple really is the way forward and the ultimate simple is one that works. There are essentially just two products in the launch. A brow powder – each with three shades. Two for filling in and one for highlighting. But in a matte sort of way, not high-shimmer. So a natural highlight, not a shimmering one. Then there’s the double ended brow tamer. A clear end to just tidy up and a tinted end to add a little ‘something’ to any hairs maybe needing a little extra tint. Each product comes in a fair, medium and darker shade. For me, the fair option is just right for my pretty darn pale complexion (note to self, get back on that fake tan bandwagon ASAP).

Fleur De Force BrowFleur De Force Brow

Of the two products, the double ended Fix & Colour is my favourite and has become my daily go to since I first tried it. The clear end has a larger wand for all over taming. The tinted end is a short and stubby wand so you can have more control over where the tint/pigment goes. So for me this is ideal as it’s usually on the middle of the ‘fat’ end of my brows that needs a little something extra. Or on really lazy days, I just stick with the clear. It’s amazing what a quick comb can do to make my face feel a touch more ‘done’ overall.

Fleur De Force Brow

Each of the brow palette powders offers a choice of shades – so you can mix and match to create a more natural effect. Brows – like hair – are never normally all one colour. There will always be highlights and lowlights so this can help create the look of a naturally groomed brow rather than an overly ‘done’ brow. I’m sure if you wanted to dial it up a notch or twelve you could do so – especially with the medium or darker shades. But for me, the paler shades are just right to add a bit of shadow where I have gaps. Not as many gaps since I had my brows micro bladed (read more about that over HERE) but handy none the less. Although the lazy-beauty person I am, I definitely opt for the tamer over the palette!

 Fleur De Force Brow

My favourite thing about this collection is that it’s a way to shape/style/tame your own natural brows. It’s not a 15-step routine to get the ‘perfect’ Instagram-ready brow in just 2.5 hours a day… it’s quick and easy and just helps you make the most of what you have. Which is why I think it’s the ideal representation of Fleur herself – her own beauty look is a natural one, not overly enhanced or made-up. Very much the sort of look I favour too, which is why I think these really resonate with me. Simple, effective and a natural finish. Because frankly, who had hours to spend on styling brows every day?! Credit to those who do, but for me – I want to just spend absolute max a couple of minutes (if that) and be done! These products help me do just that.

Fab collection Fleur & Eylure – as always, excited to see what you have planned next!

The Eylure Fleur De Force Brow Collection * is available from Boots.com (each product – £12)

*PR sample or gift


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