Bourjois Little Round Pots Light/Intense

I’m considering starting a little series of posts called ‘Swatch Sundays’ – as the name suggests, they will be regular on Sunday, and contain product swatches! I was thinking this might be a nice way to share products that might not be new, but still worth a little look? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Bourjois Little Round Pots

So, just as an example of what I mean here’s a post on four of the Little Round Pot eye shadows from Bourjois. Including three of the ‘Light’ shades and one ‘Intense’. In the swatches it’s really clear the difference between these two styles – one is the lightly pigmented, sheer wash of shimmering colour. And the other is a darker, very pigmented shadow, with a matte finish.

The light shades have a sheer wash of the following colours – yellow (shade 01), blue (shade 02), pink (shade 03). All very subtle, but a sheer sheen.

Bourjois Little Round Pot
Bourjois Little Round Pot swatched

The little round pot intense is seriously intense. If you want a matte black shadow I can’t recommend this one enough. Dark, pigmented, no shimmer. The perfect black shadow! 

These shadows really are opposite ends of the scale – pale and shimmer to dark and matte. The combo can make a statement smokey eye! Have you tried the Bourjois Little Round pots? What’s your favourite shade? I love the Little Round Pots – they are some of the best high street eye shadows on the market in my opinion.
Available from Boots.

PR sample.



  1. June 17, 2012 / 9:32 am

    Lol that is so spooky, I just this second posted a post with a similar ‘Swatch Sunday’ idea. I can’t take credit, Liloo (Tsunimee) suggested it to me. I really like your idea of swatching products that aren’t new but still are worth looking at. The matte black looks fab! x

  2. June 17, 2012 / 2:34 pm

    Wow the black really is BLACK!
    Their makeup in little round pots are so cute!

  3. Alice
    June 17, 2012 / 7:13 pm

    I love the look of these!



  4. June 18, 2012 / 8:13 am

    I’m not too keen on the ‘lights’ but that black is just wow!! The other matte shades in the intense range are so pretty!!

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