The challenge with the unfinished room

I’ve been going on about how keen I am to talk about interiors on the blog for some time. For probably around three years it’s been a real interest of mine behind the scenes. I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for rearranging rooms, trying different layouts and looking for little ways to update a space. Living in our own place – first our London flat and now our house opens up a whole new world of decorating and design options. Both places were very much ‘blank canvas’ spaces to start with. Both fairly beige and modern spaces. Which means the world is our oyster for what to do with them… sounds good right?

ikea mid century chair

Well, in many ways – yes – it’s absolutely ace having a blank canvas to play with. But I’ll be honest and say I found it quite daunting. I had a million ideas (thanks Pinterest) and no clue where to start. What’s ‘my style’ when it comes to home stuff. I’m still figuring this question out – on one hand I love sleek minimal, another I like mid century, another I like country cottage, another simple and traditional… I like a bit of everything. Which means a couple of things. Either a very eclectic finish to the whole house, or I need to do some proper planning to make it work.

So fast forward around 18 months since moving in and here’s where we’re at. The vast majority of the house doesn’t *need* anything doing, it’s more of a want-to. We could leave it all magnolia and get on with life. But for one, that’s just not a blogger-friendly colour… and also, I want to get creative. I want to find ways to make it ‘ours’ by adding our own personality.

The thing I’m struggling with is how to make a room feel ‘finished’. There’s only really one room that’s ‘done’ and even that is missing something. My office is pretty much finished, but in hindsight decided that my adorable sofa from is just not quite right for the space – it’s a big room and the sofa looks toy-sized in it’s space. So we’re going to move it to a nook we have at the top of the stairs and plan to replace it with a more space-appropriate sofa bed so the office can still double up as a bedroom if needed. So it’s close, but not *quite* there.


The other room we have decorated is one of the spare rooms. It’s a large room and essentially all we did was paint it white and get some additional furniture. The finishing touches are coming through adding prints and pictures to the wall. But there’s something that still feels ‘unfinished’ about the room. I can’t put my finger on what it is. Maybe it needs more artwork (there’s still a lot of blank white space) – we did add a gorgeous colourful print from that made a huge difference but think we need even more colour before it’s fully ‘ready’) or perhaps the layout isn’t quite right. I find it hard to juggle between wanting things to feel airy and spacious and also having ‘stuff’. I want to add more maybe, but not to make it cluttered. I want to make it feel a little more personal as maybe now it feels a tad too clean and clinical? I don’t know what it is and I’m a bit clueless on how to work it out. I’ve stood in the room just looking around, wondering – maybe a throw? A rug? Do I need to change the carpet? Maybe the light fitting needs changing. Will that do it?

What I’d love to know and the ‘point’ of this post is – have you ever felt like this or do you decorate, put things in place and have that ‘ah yes, this is done’ moment. I haven’t had that with this room yet, it’s just not quite there and I’m not sure how to get it there!

Any tips of how to get to that ‘finished’ stage – or blog posts/books/websites to refer to would be very welcome!


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