Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set Collection

Jo Malone has a new collection that’s inspired by the Bloomsbury Set – a collection inspired by the ‘intoxicating essence of an unconventional life’. The idea of combining something very quintessentially English alongside this unconventional is what makes it interesting. Taking what could be fairly generic scents, and putting them alongside something surprising to make you go ‘ooh’.

Jo Malone Bloomsbury

There are five fragrances in the collection in total – each is a cologne and I would say two are the more ‘obvious’ traditionally feminine fragrances and three more of a cross over/masculine scents. The five Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set collection perfumes (each available in 30ml) are:

Blue Hyacinth Cologne

Garden Lilies Cologne

Leather & Artemisia Cologne

Tobacco & Mandarin Cologne

Whisky & Cedarwood Cologne

Jo Malone Bloomsbury

I have two of the above to give a nice overview of one of the more feminine and one of the more masculine scents. Not to say there are any rules whatsoever – I’m a full believer in wearing whatever you like. I have Blue Hyacinth – one I would describe as quite a heady floral. It’s a combination of Hyacinth, Geraniums and some woody vetiver – so it’s toned down a touch with the woody notes. But overall, very floral and with a real ‘English Garden’ feel to it. I have Blue Hyacinth’s in the kitchen right now and can vouch for how strong/floral the fragrance can be.

I also have the more ‘masculine’ Tobacco & Mandarin – in typical style, this is the one I am more drawn to. I’ve always loved the smell of proper tobacco smoke. Not cigraettes, but an old school pipe smoke reminds me of my Uncle and is a fragrance I just love. So layer that with the sweet and fresh mandarin and you have me sold. This really captures that pipe smoke fragrance, but not in a way that smells like you spend the evening in a pub pre-smoking ban… The mandarin is combined with sage which brings out the fresh over the sweet. The combination is really lovely and I’ve always had a thing for a fragrance that sparks a memory for me and this one does. That hint of pipe smoke takes me straight to a childhood Summer on the Isle of Bute off the coast of Scotland with my cousins.

Jo Malone Bloomsbury

If you like something that captures that ‘English Garden’ floral then the Blue Hyacinth or Garden Lilies is probably perfect for you but if (like me) you maybe like your fragrance more unusual then I’d suggest you check out the Leather/Tobacco/Whisky scents from the Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set collection. Full of interesting notes that make me imagine a scene – being in a room full of books, whilst oh-so-very English guys and girls smoke, drink and talk about all sorts of intellectual things.

Maybe that’s just my imagination running wild though?!

Jo Malone Bloomsbury Set Collection * available now from Selfridges (£46)

*PR sample or gift


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