Glitter addict…

When I was away on holiday recently the place I was staying had wifi… which was not good for me to get away from my online shopping habit. So when I spotted the little star-glitter nail polish from Urban Outfitters, I couldn’t resist… and then when there was an offer of three for £15…I definitely couldn’t resist!
So these three glitter polishes are from the Urban Outfitters own brand (W.I.P.?) and are quite lovely. The one on the left is a little bit of a dupe of OPI Rainbow Connection. The purple/blue glitter is similar to Model’s Own Disco Mix and the little purple/pink star one is pretty unique.
I’ve only tried the little stars one so far and really like it – I used it over Essie Ballet Slippers (a nude/white shade) and it looked good – I only did it on one nail for each hand, mostly because I figured it would be a nightmare to remove.
I do love discovering new nail polish brands, I hadn’t really thought to check out Urban Outfitters for beauty stuff really…but these have caught my attention! 

Bought by me.

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  1. Cathy D
    September 27, 2012 / 10:08 pm

    I LOVE the little starry one! I would never have considered Urban Outfitters either, great tip! May have to have a look once I have bought all the new glittery Barry M’s…

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