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When it comes to hair colour, I might be wrong but I feel like blonde hair is one of the most challenging. What I mean by this is that it’s the colour that can go wrong, be it the wrong shade for your colouring or brassy or just badly done. Of course I’m not a hairdresser and would really love to hear the opinions of others on this – but I know from experience there are so many subtleties in shades of blonde that one or two away from what you were aiming for can make a huge difference overall and the difference between a great hair colour and one where you want to wear a hat for the next three months of your life. So when I find a place that really delivers THE BEST blonde then I have to shout about it.


I had heard good things about Stil Salon in Notting Hill for a while. A sleek salon owned by Christel Lundqvist, who is a three time winner of the British Hairdressing Awards British Colour Technician of the Year Award – so definitely a woman to be trusted with your colour. She brings her scandi style to the salon in a way that manages to be sleek and clean but also really welcoming. One of my favourite touches is the waiting area that’s a dining table type set up – cool but still friendly and welcoming.


I had a colour appointment with Christel herself – and it was one of the best hair colour experiences I’ve had. Christel didn’t just do the usual ‘what sort of colour do you want, look a couple of example pictures I showed her then off she goes to mix something up. We spent a while talking about all those subtleties between shades and how to find the one that would work best with my colouring. Not just skintone but eye colour too. We spent time looking at a sort of lookbook/mood board that combined hair colours and different textures to really get a feel for the type of colour I was keen to achieve and the nuance between the shade options. I had shown a few pictures of Jennifer Lawrence when she had her almost-white blonde hair as I absolutely LOVE this shade and wanted to go for this sort of cooler tone, but I was also aware that a colour like that is pretty intense on the maintenance side so was happy to tweak my ‘vision’ if it meant I didn’t have to commit to a hair colour top up every 6-8 weeks. As much as I love spending time in salons, with a baby on the way – this just isn’t realistic.

Before hair colour at Stil Salon Notting Hill

Before hair colour at Stil Salon Notting Hill


The colour Christel achieved for me was absolutely perfect – exactly the cool toned blonde I was after. But still suited to my colouring and skintone – and will you look at that shine?! I was definitely feeling a touch of the scandi-blonde in my new look. I was absolutely delighted with it and plan to do my best to maintain it going forward. I actually had this colour done back in October (where on Earth has the time gone the end of this year?!) so know I’m probably due a refresh in January.


I also wanted to mention that Christel wasn’t just amazing with my hair – she was so lovely to sit and chat to for the duration of the appointment. None of the typical ‘hairdresser chat’ like ‘so have you been on holiday this year?’. It was interesting and we covered everything from dogs (Christel’s dog is a regular in the salon if you’re a dog person then this should be the cherry on top for tempting you to book in), to scandi style, blogging, Christel’s career and politics. It was a really great experience as last thing you want when a hair appointment is a few hours long is awkward silence or forced small talk!


If you’re a blonde and looking for a colourist in London – I would 100% recommend checking out Stil salon. If you can get an appointment in with Christel I am totally confident you will be just as delighted with the colour results as I am with mine. I will definitely be back asap!

Stil Salon is located at 2A Chepstow Road, London, W2 5BH
For more information on prices and services: www.stil-salon.com 

I was a guest of Stil Salon



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