Life admin : A few ways to feel life is in order (even when it isn’t)

Social media is great, but it does have it’s pitfalls. The one that most people talk about is how people always look flawless and the culture of perfection. For me, the biggest thing that ‘gets’ to me is the feeling that everyone else seems to totally have their lives together 24/7. You know, the ones who seem to look polished and together even when working from home in no make-up. Or the ones who never have a hair out of place, even when they wake up and insta-story first thing in the morning. I’m sure these people are the ones who do a ‘what’s in my bag’ and genuinely have those things and not a sack load of receipts and maybe the odd wrapped up piece of chewed gum… along with 7 different lipsticks, 3 hair clips and a couple of poo bags for dog walks (empty… I’m not that bad).

I go through phases of how together/not together my life is. Sometimes I’m super organised, my bag is packed the morning before I need to go anywhere and outfits picked out in advance. Other times I’m trying to find a rogue missing shoe, considering cancelling my bank card for the 15th time because I can’t find it AGAIN and I put my watch on upside down and only realise when halfway through the day. But there are a few little life admin tips and tricks where I know if I do these I am 90% closer to having my s**t together than I am being a daily mess that’s trying to adult and not always succeeding… (writes the girl due to have a baby any time now…)

life admin

Sunday night plans

Even when you love your job, the Sunday blues can still be a thing. I have gotten into a better habit of not working all weekend since being a full time blogger/working for myself. But one trick that I try to do – even when I haven’t opened my laptop all weekend – is do a bit of a to-do list refresh and plan for the working week ahead. Even in the era of the iPhone I still stick to a traditional notebook based to-do list and tend to have one ‘master’ to do list with overall things I need to tackle from posts to draft, client work, admin and projects. But then I have a separate list with more of a planned agenda for immediate tasks -listing my priorities for the day/week ahead.

I also use an app called Wunderlist that I would recommend if you like to keep your to-do lists digital. The app can be on your desktop and your phone and syncs up so if you add or tick off a task on your phone the same information will show when you check on your other device. Plus there are different lists, lists within lists. Subtasks AND a very satisfying tick box that strikes through tasks as you check them off.

Email Pause

When I feel like my inbox is getting out of control (which is frequently) I use a little gadget/tool that you can sign up to add on to gmail which pauses your inbox. I either use this as a one-off ‘hit pause’ button so I can blitz my inbox without having new mail coming in whilst I clear the unread items. Meaning I can just stop new bits and focus on the outstanding ones and even for that brief, shining moment I can have the ellusive clear inbox.

The other way this little tool is handy is if you tend to be distracted by email or find yourself checking it every 10 minutes. You can set it so you have a schedule for new emails to come in. If I’m working on a big project, then I set my emails to come in at 9am, 1pm and 4pm so I check three times a day rather than thirty… so emails aren’t potentially ignored for too long. But also so I’m not distracted with every inbox ping.

Get my pampering schedule in place

So this is a bit of a ‘luxury’ in a lot of ways but doing a few things pampering/beauty maintenance wise totally makes me feel like I have my life in order and I am nicely organised. Having my nails done, brows tinted/shaped etc. Can always do a more extensive listing of what I now call my ‘essential’ beauty and grooming bits but over the years I’ve come to totally recognise that making these indulgences a priority for me are a way I really feel like I have myself together and can focus on things way more important than nails and brows. No wait, is there anything more important than nails and brows? I jest… it’s a small bit of me-time that to me is important and makes me feel focussed and put together in the other bits of life.

I had a manicure over at the lovely Shoreditch Nails – which I am SO impressed by. A small and super friendly salon in East London (on Boundary Road) which does a top-quality manicure, amazing selection of shades for a reasonable price. One I’ll definitely be back to!

I would also totally recommend London Grace – a nail salon I’ve blogged about previously and you can read about HERE.

Organise my handbag

This is a new little trick that I’ve started swearing by. Switching handbags and deciding to do so just as I’m about to dash out the door is a sure fire way of forgetting things/bag chaos. What I’ve started using is a small/light clutch or little pouch (FYI the Glossier pouches are perfect for this) and packing in my every-day essentials in so I can easily switch between bags by just grabbing the pouch and knowing I’ll have those bits I need in my bag that I like to have day to day.

Just a few very simple day to day life admin tips that can make busy day to day life a *touch* less chaotic at times… ask me again how these are going when I’ve got a newborn in the mix to juggle (not literally, promise I won’t literally juggle my baby).

Feeling organised 100% makes me feel like I can focus on things like writing and creating more interesting posts! I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog recently and a lot of that comes down to not being as organised as I like. So bringing in these tips and tricks has really helped get that focus back. I have just drafted three posts this afternoon so I know that little spark of ideas comes back when I feel like I have the rest of my life in order. Who knew a manicure could have such an impact?! 

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  1. April 3, 2018 / 5:47 pm

    Love this post – have literally just downloaded the Wunderlist app. Whilst I prefer a paper to-do list, sometimes making one on the go helps me to feel organised and less stressed. If I’m out and about and suddenly remember I need to do something I can write it down, stops my brain going into overdrive. Works for me!

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